Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What I Wore Today...

I never normally do posts like this because, quite frankly, most of the time I look a mess. It's either totally dull office wear or jeans and a tshirt. I am the laziest of dressers and go for whatever's clean and easy to wear. When I say easy to wear, I mean comfortable. I have too much to do in a day to be worrying about whether I'm comfortable or not.

So that's why I made a small deal with myself to have at least one day a week where I Make An Effort. Sure, it involves getting up at least half an hour earlier which I'm not a fan of but it was nice today to feel that little bit special. Even though I was going to work where fashion isn't really an option (and trust me, I may do marketing and PR for a job but it is in one of the least glamorous industries ever).

And today, I wore this....

Simple, huh? Who knew it was that easy! The skirt is by Emily And Fin, which I got from the lovely ladies at Aspire Style in their sale and the blouse (which I LOVE) is by good old Dorothy Perkins.

The shoes?

The Term Time loafer by Office. I'm a little surprised I didn't have any loafers - it seems like such an oversight on my part but these were in the sale so I struck gold. They do need a lot of softening up but I'm happy to put the effort into that.

There we have it! Minimal effort for what I thought was a nice impact!