Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What I Wore Today...

I never normally do posts like this because, quite frankly, most of the time I look a mess. It's either totally dull office wear or jeans and a tshirt. I am the laziest of dressers and go for whatever's clean and easy to wear. When I say easy to wear, I mean comfortable. I have too much to do in a day to be worrying about whether I'm comfortable or not.

So that's why I made a small deal with myself to have at least one day a week where I Make An Effort. Sure, it involves getting up at least half an hour earlier which I'm not a fan of but it was nice today to feel that little bit special. Even though I was going to work where fashion isn't really an option (and trust me, I may do marketing and PR for a job but it is in one of the least glamorous industries ever).

And today, I wore this....

Simple, huh? Who knew it was that easy! The skirt is by Emily And Fin, which I got from the lovely ladies at Aspire Style in their sale and the blouse (which I LOVE) is by good old Dorothy Perkins.

The shoes?

The Term Time loafer by Office. I'm a little surprised I didn't have any loafers - it seems like such an oversight on my part but these were in the sale so I struck gold. They do need a lot of softening up but I'm happy to put the effort into that.

There we have it! Minimal effort for what I thought was a nice impact!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Shoe Of The Day: Dosh by Aldo

I know we've only just dusted away the last debris of Christmas and the New Year but the sales mean the perfect opportunity to pick up festive footwear ready for the next round (you know it will be here before you know it. Sorry!)

It doesn't get much more festive than red and sparkly which makes these heels from Aldo pretty spot on.

The high back and thick ankle strap means that these will be that little more stable once you hit the dancefloor after a few gins while the 4" heel isn't too ludicrous for comfort.

And that sparkle?

Cleverly placed metallic spikes to create a subtle jewelled effect whilst not tipping into the realm of a Disney Princess.

Like to plan ahead? Grab them in the ASOS sale for £32.50 reduced from £65.

Sizes 3-8 available at time of writing