Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Shoe Of The Day: Asymmetric Flat Sandals by Zara

Zara have won again this summer with some ridiculously simple but fabulous sandals at a brilliant price. What I want most from a summer sandal is for it not to kill my feet and to be a fab colour. And because we can't predict how many days of summer we'll have, they can't break the bank.
These sandals are £22.99.



Of course at that price they're not leather but what matter. They come in this gorgeous bright green, coral and what Zara call Lime Green but is clearly yellow.

All sizes are available online and well worth a look. At that price, you could even have all three!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Shoe Of The Day: 'Itsy Bitsy' by Office

It is very rare that I will share a shoe with you that's nearly sold out online BUT if you have a branch of Office near you, I implore you to go in and see if they have your size because these are great. From the deep coral colour to the butterfly-esque cutout detail to the fact that flats are far kinder to your feet when it's warm than heels, well dear reader, Itsy Bitsy has stolen a huge chunk of my shoe loving heart.

Oh and they're only £35. Which when you consider we may only get 3.5 days of sunshine this year, is quite ok.

Itsy Bitsy, £35 at Office