Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shoe Of The Day: 'Angie P' by Lola Ramona

Pretend for a moment that British Summer Time exists like it would in a Richard Curtis film. Everything is green and lush, the sky is a deep cerulean cloudless expanse, the Pimm's is ever flowing and cricket whites stay startlingly white. Then imagine that you have the most perfect dress that's just the right length and cut - perhaps with pleating that never drops, definitely a vague 50s Grace Kelly vibe - and that you have these shoes on your feet. Of course you bump into a charming Colin Firth type at your second cousin's wedding where you've had to go on your own and of course you go on a date that's a bit awkward but utterly charming and leads to a series of misunderstandings which in turn lead to a Happy Ever After.

Essentially, I'm saying that I love these shoes for the colours, the dots, the scalloped edging, the bow and the peep-toe and if I don't have them on my feet soon, I will cry.

'Angie P' by Lola Ramona at Office, £125