Thursday, 24 January 2013

Shoe Of The Day: Poisonberry by Kurt Geiger


That's the sound I made when I saw these 'Poisonberry' shoes on Kurt Geiger's website the other day. I'm not normally such a sickly sweet pink person (seriously, it does look a bit like indigestion medicine) but when I saw it with the flash neon yellow heel and mint green sole, I was bowled over.
Yeah, you feeling them? I'm really into the little flashes of neon that are coming in for Spring/Summer 13. I blame watching the Olympics and then bingeing on the DVD. As my friend Lesley says, "neon makes you go faster". Even in heels.

It's the detail on the heel as well that take these a step above, even in the black.
In a world where kitten heels are sneaking back in and people STILL think Crocs are acceptable, this design  delight is like a palate cleansing sorbet. I loves them.

Poisonberry by Kurt Geiger, sizes 2-8 (35-41), £195