Sunday, 13 May 2012

When Shoes Go Bad...

So, I've been a bit lax lately and not blogged about shoes or loveliness since the end of January. There's several reasons for this, mostly involving Life being a bit of a bitch and taking up most of my time. But the main reason is that, well, there's not been any shoes that I've wanted to tell you about.

Seriously. Not even the fugly ones have been fugly enough.

It's all gone a bit meh in the world of shoes and fashion. Topshop are busy trying to convince me that I need to dress like I did when I was 14 (which was nearly 17 years ago...), Asos are creeping their prices up while lowering their design desirability, Office are recycling designs from a few years ago and it's all just really uninspiring.

Thankfully, as we edge towards the potential of at least one month of warm weather, I'm starting to see things that are making me stop and look. And so, suddenly there's loads of stuff that I want. And that I want to share.

Here's to loveliness.