Monday, 14 May 2012

Shoe Of The Day: I Basic Sandal by Zara

Zara are rocking my world at the moment. You'll be seeing more from them here over the next few weeks but first, let's look at these. Zara nonchalantly call them 'Basic Sandals'. Basically gorgeous, yeah?

Seriously, the simplicity of these are a huge part of the appeal. The heel isn't too high and is a nice shape and the height of the back makes them a bit more edgy than a regular sandal.

They come in black, nude and orange too.

AND in electric blue and turquoise.

I want them in all three colourways. But Zara are pretty pricey aren't they?

WRONG. Well, wrong for these anyway. They're only £29.99. I'm in love and buying as soon as possible.