Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes FAIL! Prada

Yep, a whole designer fail. Whilst other designers played it safe so we could spot them a mile off (hello Marchesa and Reem Accra), Prada were trying to do something different and.... well it didn't quite work. Look at teeny tiny Frieda Pinto.

And look at how enormous her dress makes her. On the plus side, the colour is amazing and the fabric is different and interesting. It just looks badly made and unfinished. Kinda like when you were a kid and wrapped a sheet round you to make a dress and you ended up with bunches of material all over the place.

Also wearing Prada, the lovely Zooey Deschanel.

This dress was custom made for her apparently so why doesn't it fit properly? I'm not sold on the bodice either. Neon green? Really? We're going there? Overall it just didn't suit her and that's not a good thing. At least this picture doesn't show off quite how bad her wig was though.

Maybe Prada are just saving the best stuff for the Oscars. They must be. Please?