Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Shoe Of The Day: Spiky Lita by Jeffrey Campbell

The Hairy Drummer is off on tour in March with his band to support The Answer and The Union. Naturally, I'll have to go along to at least one of the gigs to show support. And quite clearly, I need to be wearing these bad boys from Jeffrey Campbell with the skinniest jeans I own. Silly haired metalarian nonsense requires back-combing and leather and spikes and leopard print. A walking cliché? You bet your life it is but frankly, when walking in boots this awesome, clichéd never looked so good.

Lita spiked platform boots, £145 by Jeffrey Campbell at Office

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Shoe Of The Day: Primerose by Georgia Rose

I know it's still January but I've found my dream Spring/Summer shoe. Crazy? No. There is no harm in planning ahead when it comes to future footwear especially as I start most of my outfit choices from the shoe up. And when they're as gloriously springy as this, why wouldn't I be dreaming of these adorning my feet?

Sorbet shades are going to be all over the place when the weather starts to warm up and I want these Georgia Rose shoes to be on my feet when they do. They're perfect for introducing a little pep of colour and will go with pretty much every trouser shape out there as well as looking library chic cute with a knee length full or A line skirt. I'm picturing some French Riviera chic with lots of pistachio gelato. The gentle sea breeze in your hair and some witty repartee with a handsome debonair suitor. Delicious.

Need them as much as I do? They're £126.65 at Sarenza.

(This post would've been written regardless but has been submitted as part of Sarenza's Shoe Ambassador competition - details here. Wish me luck!)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes WIN! Claire Danes

So not only did Claire Danes win an actual award, she was also, as far as I'm concerned, the best dressed. Her monochrome J. Mendel dress may seem a bit 'So what?' at first glance but look at the back.

Pretty, n'est-ce pas? She looked comfortable but stylish and effortless and that is always, always a win.

Golden Globes FAIL! Andrea Riseborough

Poor Andrea Riseborough. Madonna wouldn't let her out of her talons the whole night. And she looked like an 18th century doily thanks to Vivienne Westwood. Points for hair and lipstick though.

Madonna? Reem Acra, too tight across the bust, still pretending to be British but also rather funny and disarmingly charming.

Golden Globes WIN! FAIL! I Can't Decide! Dianna Agron

Oh dear reader, I am so conflicted over this dress. On the one hand I love the colour and the detail but on the other I can't help but be reminded of those shiny Christmas garland decorations. By Giles Deacon, it manages to look classic and modern which certainly works in its favour and is perfect for Agron. She has a very classic Old Hollywood beauty but that shouldn't be matched with stuffy clothes.

I think the more I look at it, the more I like it. Maybe. Who knows?

Golden Globes FAIL! Prada

Yep, a whole designer fail. Whilst other designers played it safe so we could spot them a mile off (hello Marchesa and Reem Accra), Prada were trying to do something different and.... well it didn't quite work. Look at teeny tiny Frieda Pinto.

And look at how enormous her dress makes her. On the plus side, the colour is amazing and the fabric is different and interesting. It just looks badly made and unfinished. Kinda like when you were a kid and wrapped a sheet round you to make a dress and you ended up with bunches of material all over the place.

Also wearing Prada, the lovely Zooey Deschanel.

This dress was custom made for her apparently so why doesn't it fit properly? I'm not sold on the bodice either. Neon green? Really? We're going there? Overall it just didn't suit her and that's not a good thing. At least this picture doesn't show off quite how bad her wig was though.

Maybe Prada are just saving the best stuff for the Oscars. They must be. Please?

Golden Globes WIN! Evan Rachel Wood

This is one of my two top dresses of the night. Feathers! Sequins! Drama! Appropriate hair and make-up! The dress is by Gucci and was definitely different from the meh of blush and nude. So much so, it made me do an actual out loud 'Wow!'.

It also works because Wood knows how to stand properly. Seriously, never underestimate good posture.

Golden Globes FAIL! Lea Michele

You know how Rachel Barry is one of the most annoying TV characters ever created? I have the feeling that Lea Michele isn't that much different from her and her red carpet appearances never do anything to convince me otherwise. Like showing up in this Marchesa dress and having hair and make-up to make you look 25 years older than you actually are. If it only had the see through bits on the sleeves, I might've been more forgiving. But it doesn't so I'm not.

Golden Globes FAIL! Piper Perabo

Yes, you are looking at this. This dress is apparently a thing. A thing by Olivier Theyskens. Yeah, I don't know either. Piper wasn't sure either as she was pulling all sorts of cracked out faces to try and make it seem like a jolly time for all. I mean, it's kind of a nothing colour AND see through AND huge but tight at the same time. What can it all mean????

Golden Globes WIN! Sarah Michelle Gellar

I know what you're thinking and you're wrong. I'd only had two glasses of wine before deciding that I loved this Monique Lhuillier dress. Ok so I'm not too sure about the pouffy bit at the waist but overall this just works. I like the swirliness of the pattern and I like that SMG looks so damn pleased. I did not like how she claimed her toddler picked it out for her so much. Leave the cutesy stories at home - we know you have a stylist for these things.

Golden Globes WIN! Jesse Tyler Ferguson

It's hard for the boys at these award shows. There's not a lot that you can do with a tux. Top marks then to Jesse for rolling up with this three piece velvet number. The wide lapel is a nice retro touch compared to the streamlined looks that have dominated mens suits for the past few years.

Golden Globes WIN! Nicole Richie

Remember when Nicole Richie used to hang out with Skank Hilton and had nasty roots? She looked like this? Thankfully, that is far behind her and she rarely looks anything but chic. And here she manages to remind us that Julien Macdonald can actually make nice clothes. A win all round. Thumbs up as well for ace face and hair.

Golden Globes SNORE! Angelina Jolie

When I was watching the red carpet coverage, I tweeted that I wish Angelina wouldn't try so hard to be Angelina. We get it. You're a statuesque beauty with great bone structure. You make babies with Brad Pitt. You want to save the world. You only wear neutral colours. Blah blah blah.

The only positive thing I can say about this is that there's a smidge of colour in there which makes a change for her but otherwise it's so predictable, I could've designed it myself. I didn't though, it's Atelier Versace in case you're still awake to care.

Golden Globes WIN! Sofia Vergara

I was initially unsure about this Vera Wang dress on Sofia Vergara. She looks amazing up to the fishtail and then that's when I wasn't sure. Then I kept looking at it and I can't help but love it. I think it helps that it's Sofia wearing it - I have a total girl crush on her. The colour is a breath of fresh air considering all the blah blah blush and nudes that wafted down the red carpet. Yes, the shape for her is a bit predictable but it fits perfectly and that can never be ignored.