Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shoeper Shoe Challenge Save #2!

Oh lordy. I am SO rubbish at remembering to take photos of my outfits for Shoeperwoman's Shoeper Shoe Challenge. I'm either going to be getting rid of a lot of shoes or you'll suddenly have a glut of posts like this as I try to save as many as I can.

Anyway, I remembered to get a photo for my beloved Miss Selfridge purple bow peeptoes. Et voila:

The occasion was my very fabulous friend Vicky's 30th birthday party on 6th August which involved eating more meat than was humanly possible before dancing the night away to a selection of random 80s tunes.

The top's from Topshop and the skirt's from Zara. It's my absolute favourite going out outfit at the moment. How about a close up of the shoes though?

Yes they hurt a bit by the end of the night but they are totally worth it!