Wednesday, 24 August 2011

NES Picks.... 5 Winter Coats

As soon as I get the September Issues, I immediately start dreaming about layers of knitwear and tights and snuggly socks and scarves and coats and the sheer joy that is Autumn/Winter fashion. Seriously, A/W beats S/S down like a mofo.

One of the biggest purchases you'll make is the winter coat. Choose wisely and it can last you for a good few years, especially if you clean and store it properly in between seasons. These are the ones currently catching my eye and testing my self-control.

Navy Contrast Princess Coat, £85 by Miss Selfridge

This coat is pretty and practical. It has a touch of the 'back to school' about it which is preppily cute. A princess shape is a constant when it comes to winter coats purely for the fact they are feminine and flattering. I think the trim and colour combination toughens it up a bit.

Leatherette Trim Coat, £95 at Warehouse

If you like the contrast trim look but think the Miss Selfridge coat is too prissy, maybe this sleek grey number from Warehouse will tempt you. I love the simplicity of it. It means business.

Carolina Checked Fur Cape, £69 by Louche at Joy

Maybe you want something a bit more casual, in which case this cape from Joy will do the job. It satisfies my need to still have Angela Chase as my style hero [which I am far too old for but never mind] and it looks super cosy. It'd be ace for long walks on the beach or a short walk to a pub.

Minimalist Gold Button Coat, £100 at ASOS

Let's not forget the awesomeness that a pop of colour can provide on a bleak winter's day. I'm totally in love with the colour of this coat from ASOS. The simple, clean shape means that it's not too much and imagine how fab different coloured accessories would look with it. It comes in red too but that's a bit too 'military chic' for my liking.

70s Belted Camel Wool Mac, £95 at Oasis

A camel trench coat is timeless. This is why you see them year after year. This one from Oasis will look perfect with all the 70s inspired wide legged trousers that are around. It's a good investment piece.

Seen any other coats you like? Let me know!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shoeper Shoe Challenge Save #2!

Oh lordy. I am SO rubbish at remembering to take photos of my outfits for Shoeperwoman's Shoeper Shoe Challenge. I'm either going to be getting rid of a lot of shoes or you'll suddenly have a glut of posts like this as I try to save as many as I can.

Anyway, I remembered to get a photo for my beloved Miss Selfridge purple bow peeptoes. Et voila:

The occasion was my very fabulous friend Vicky's 30th birthday party on 6th August which involved eating more meat than was humanly possible before dancing the night away to a selection of random 80s tunes.

The top's from Topshop and the skirt's from Zara. It's my absolute favourite going out outfit at the moment. How about a close up of the shoes though?

Yes they hurt a bit by the end of the night but they are totally worth it!