Friday, 8 April 2011

Blooming Lovely: Meadow Dress by Monsoon

I spotted this in the window of Monsoon the other day and immediately wanted to be wearing it, wafting through some sunlit promenade on my way to quaff gin and Pimms'.

True, it is £95 but it's the kind of dress that can be brought out of the wardrobe summer after summer and can be worn everyday or for weddings, christenings, whatever. Think about it in terms of Cost Per Wear... I think it'll work out pretty cheap in the long run.

Meadow Dress £95 from Monsoon.


katya said...

It is pretty pricey but also beautiful. Monsoon usually has good quality clothes so you know they will last longer than something from Primark!

sian said...

Love the dress - and the fabulous justification. Cost Per Wear. I'll remember that one!