Monday, 28 February 2011

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #1 - Asos Heels

Saturday was a momentous occasion - The Hairy Drummer and I went out together for the first time since The Hairy Baby was born. True, it was literally only round the corner to a friend's house for a bit of a birthday party and a Just Dance-off but out is out. I took the opportunity to kick off my Shoeper Shoe Challenge and saved my first pair - these heels from Asos.

I got them last year in the sale and had never worn them. At the time when I bought them, I think I had a crazy pregnant lady bout of just needing to buy SOMETHING that I liked and looked a bit glamorous. I wore them like this.
Ignore the cheesy smile, I was a leeetle bit tipsy....
This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment because it's effortless but looks casually glam. The top is from Topshop, again in the sale. I'd had my eye on it from when it first came out though I could never justify the full price tag. When I hunted it down during the sales, they only had a size 16 left but it's the kind of top where bigger is better I think. The vest top underneath is from Primarni and the super skinny jeans are from New Look.