Monday, 28 February 2011

Oscars 2011: CRAZY WIN! Sharon Stone

I was disappointed with Helena Bonham Carter. She told us she was going to look a hot mess and she didn't. It was like the Baftas. It made me yearn for her mismatched shoes from the Golden Globes which seems so long ago now. I was mourning the lack of crazy.

Then Sharon Stone turned up. POW!

Steve Granitz/
I don't even know why she was there (is she a member of the Academy?) but boy, am I glad she was. Her hair was BOUFFANT. Her dress was tight then tied together and FEATHERY. The buttons down the side looked like a really bad seam.

And she STARED. In a FIERCE way.



Anne said...

A bit critical of you. Overall, she still looks pretty good for her age.