Monday, 28 February 2011

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #1 - Asos Heels

Saturday was a momentous occasion - The Hairy Drummer and I went out together for the first time since The Hairy Baby was born. True, it was literally only round the corner to a friend's house for a bit of a birthday party and a Just Dance-off but out is out. I took the opportunity to kick off my Shoeper Shoe Challenge and saved my first pair - these heels from Asos.

I got them last year in the sale and had never worn them. At the time when I bought them, I think I had a crazy pregnant lady bout of just needing to buy SOMETHING that I liked and looked a bit glamorous. I wore them like this.
Ignore the cheesy smile, I was a leeetle bit tipsy....
This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment because it's effortless but looks casually glam. The top is from Topshop, again in the sale. I'd had my eye on it from when it first came out though I could never justify the full price tag. When I hunted it down during the sales, they only had a size 16 left but it's the kind of top where bigger is better I think. The vest top underneath is from Primarni and the super skinny jeans are from New Look.

Oscars 2011: CRAZY WIN! Sharon Stone

I was disappointed with Helena Bonham Carter. She told us she was going to look a hot mess and she didn't. It was like the Baftas. It made me yearn for her mismatched shoes from the Golden Globes which seems so long ago now. I was mourning the lack of crazy.

Then Sharon Stone turned up. POW!

Steve Granitz/
I don't even know why she was there (is she a member of the Academy?) but boy, am I glad she was. Her hair was BOUFFANT. Her dress was tight then tied together and FEATHERY. The buttons down the side looked like a really bad seam.

And she STARED. In a FIERCE way.


Oscars 2011: WIN! Melissa Leo

To tell the truth I couldn't tell you an awful lot about Melissa Leo other than I know she ran her own 'For your consideration' campaign which I admire. She made it damn clear she wanted to win without simpering and hiding behind "Oh but I won't win because I'm in such ah-may-zing company" whilst secretly hoping all those bitches come down with a 24 hour bug so they can't be there and then you'd have to win because no one likes someone collecting an award on someone's behalf. And she swore in her acceptance speech which apparently NEVER happens which is surprising in itself. Or maybe I'm more potty mouthed than Oscar nominated actors.

Anyway, her dress.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Although it's by Marc Bouwer, it looks like Melissa made it herself at some arts and crafts day. I like it. The gold underlay is subliminal, all "Hey Academy dudes! You KNOW I want to win and I AM golden like an actual award. AWARD ME!". And I like her shoes - they are certainly not made from a doily.

Oscars 2011: WIN(ish)! Cate Blanchett

I'm erring on the side of WIN! for Cate Blanchett in Givenchy here but it's a close call.

Matt Sayles/AP
I thought the dress was white when I first saw it but it is in fact lilac. The detail at the hips is, unlike Nicole Kidman's, flattering although I'm not sure that Cate Blanchett needs to frame her boobs. And the shoulder cape type thing going on is.... I just don't know. But if anyone can carry it off, it's her, right?

Oscars 2011: FAIL! Scarlett Johansson

I'm afraid there's nothing about this that I like. NOTHING.

Matt Sayles/AP
The hair? Looks unwashed and undone. The make up? Way to make it look like you've not had any sleep for a week. The dress? Dolce and Gabbana raiding the bedspread cupboard of an old lady.

Oscars 2011: FAIL! Nicole Kidman

Matt Sayles/AP
Let's start with the positives. Her shoes are a pretty colour. And her hair is back to being red which suits her much better than blonde. And her necklace is nice.

That's it. Because we can't but help look at the dress and wonder what went wrong. On paper it seems perfect - Christian Dior, Nicole Kidman, the Oscars. But it doesn't. It's too long in a bad way and the weird sticky out bit at the waist looks unnecessary. It looks a bit like a table cloth that was hastily stapled together in some kind of Changing Rooms nightmare. Wait, did Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen dress her? Is that what the problem is here?

Oscars 2011: WIN! Natalie Portman

Ok, so it's no secret I totally love Natalie Portman anyway but seriously, just look at her!

Matt Sayles/AP
She stuck to Rodarte for the dress which has left many people struggling to say nice things apart from "Well, she has a lovely pregnancy glow". Look, she's quite pregnant. Frankly it's almost impossible to wear anything that doesn't make you feel like some kind of ginormo freak so what if it isn't as edgy as some of their other designs? She looks comfortable but glamorous which is exactly the kind of look you want when you stagger up to collect an award.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shoe Of The Day: Keanah by Ted Baker

I love these. I've had my eye on them for a while in the pale/dark pink colour but it's the grey and yellow that really tugs at my heartstrings. They're cute but sassy, fashionable but classic. Yes, they're £80 but that'd be £80 well spent in my opinion.

Especially if you wore them with this dress from Awear.

'Keanah' by Ted Baker, £80 at Asos

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011

NES Takes The Challenge: The Shoeper Shoe Challenge!

So I've already locked my bank card away in the name of Frugal February. It's going well, I haven't bought anything unnecessary. Mainly because I really don't have any money to spare at the moment.

I wanted something else to keep me occupied though so I signed up to Amber The Shoeperwoman's Shoeper Shoe Challenge. You can read the full set of rules here to see what I'm letting myself in for. Basically, from today until this time next year, I have to try and wear every single pair of shoes I currently own plus any others that I buy. At the end of the year, any shoes I haven't worn must be got rid of.

Sounds easy right?

These are my shoes. Well, some of them at least - I think I've got about 29 pairs altogether:

Shoes, shoes, pretty pretty shoes.
There's shoes in there that I have never worn. Ever. And I've had them for a while. There's also shoes I've had for years and not worn for years. It's a good way of shaking up my wardrobe. I'll admit that for convenience, jeans and a tee with some Cons slung on has kind of become my Mummy uniform. But that's boring. It doesn't give me much chance to wear any of my other very lovely clothes and shoes. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Swallow Coin Purse by New Look

How cute is this?

As part of Frugal February, I'm trying to only use cash if I have to buy stuff. It's a good way of keeping track of exactly what you're spending but you do end up with a lot of pennies. This coin purse from New Look is one of the cutest ways to store them.

And it's only £3.99. But wait until March to buy it...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Frugal February

As it's the first of a new month today, all my bills have gone out of my account. What's left made me cry. The knock on effect of Christmas and the long, long month of January doesn't seem to stop. Which is why February is now Frugal February.

The fabulous Gemma from Big Girls Browse came up with the idea to avoid all unnecessary spending during February. As she quite rightly points out, we're all guilty of buying those little things to make us feel better - a new lipstick, a magazine, a coffee on the way to work - but those little things add up. And we're also all guilty of having clothes that we never or hardly wear yet still buy more.

So, why not join in? Say no to all the unnecessary spending! Think about what you're going to do with the money you save! Allow yourself to indulge in a bit of smugness at your willpower!

You can read all the rules (not that they're very strict!) and see who else is taking part here