Monday, 17 January 2011

Shoe Of The Day: Furry Ankle Boot by River Island

Although I'm still unsure about the majority of River Island's clothing output, I am impressed by their shoes and handbags. Like these faux fur lined ankle boots.

They look snuggly but delicate at the same time - like the best of an Ugg and an ankle boot. I'm picturing them with chunky tights and socks and a pretty dress or peeking from under a maxi skirt. 

Fur lined ankle boot, £44.99 from River Island


Karen said...

ooooh those are nice! Ive been after some fur lined boots for a while. never really look in river island because it always makes me think of clothing with too far to much 'stuff' stuck on it. might have to give it a chance and have a peek occasionally.

College Barbie said...

omg yes. New Jersey has been getting so much SNOW so I'm on the hunt for winter boots, shoes, booties and the like. These are cute!