Thursday, 27 January 2011

Shoe Of The Day: Crochet Panel Boot by Matalan

I'll admit that sometimes I forget about Matalan. Mainly because my local one is just that tiny bit out of the way and when I do bother to go, it's always a mess. Then I remember they do online shopping and so I won't miss out on hidden gems like these boots.

The fake work boot thing has been done to death a bit and their ubiquity is almost as bad as fake Uggs. But they are, well, useful. They go with everything and that shouldn't stop just because the weather's supposed to get nicer at some point. The crochet panel on these means that they make a viable alternative to sandals or other warmer weather footwear.

And they're only £15 reduced from £20. See, even at full price, they're still a bargain.

Crochet Panel Boot, £15 from Matalan