Thursday, 13 January 2011

Fancy A Trip To The Oscars? Design A Dress For Charity And You Could Go!

Ah, The Oscars. We know they're supposed to be about films and stuff but let's face it, all anyone cares about are the dresses. And James Franco being the host. Wouldn't you like to go? Well if you've got a creative bent then you could enter a competition to design a dress and get the chance to see it on a red carpet.

Red Carpet Green Dress is your chance to design a dress made from eco-friendly materials and support education for disadvantaged children.

The main things you need to know are:

The Red Carpet Green Dress Contest is an international fundraising competition. This aid provides many children from under-privileged situations an opportunity to receive an education, which might otherwise not be possible. Because it is a fundraising competition, there is a $75 (about £48) entry fee.

The closing date is 2nd February 2011. You need to be able to make the dress (or have it made) by 21st February 2011. (If you win, you get $2000 towards the cost of making the dress).

You get to choose your model so you can design for your mum or your best friend or Great Aunty Dot, whoever you want!

If you win, you and your model will get flown to Los Angeles on 21st February from wherever you are IN THE WORLD for 4 days and in this time get to meet the judge who picked your design Suzy Amis, who helped to found the MUSE school program and her husband, Actual Oscar Winning Director James Cameron.

Although you don't get to go to the Actual Oscars, you do get to go to the Global Green Pre Oscar Party and walk the red carpet with your model as the guests of Suzy Amis and James Cameron. That is pretty exciting. Don't forget to practice your walk though.

So, what are you waiting for? Get designing! Oh and let me know if you win!

Full T&C's are here. You can read further information on the MUSE Schools project here.