Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Britain's Next Top Model: The One With The Ishoos

Previously on Britain's Next Top Model, there were haircuts and tears and meh.

This week, we start with a go see challenge (a bit early, no?) for Miss Sixty where the girls go in one by one and strike a pose (apparently there's nothing to it). Everyone is predictably... rubbish. But for some reason, Julian from Models 1 (the agency that gets the winner) picks Susan out as "not being right". Amba got her knickers in a twist that people had copied her pose. Bitch, please - it wasn't a pose to be proud of in the first place.

Next to William Tempest. This at least involves some walking as well. Which they all still suck at. PRACTICE! How many freaking times do you have to be told?!?!!??

The girls get home to Charley and Grace waiting up for them like chastising parents. And to get rid of one of the girls based on the decision of the guys from Models 1 - Susan. Quite why she got picked out above some of the others is unclear given that there are other girls who were worse.

Anyway, onto a shoot with ElleBot with some RED products. ElleBot switches into HHPOF! mode to coach the girls through the posing and to get a better look at them as potential models. She doesn't seem very impressed by any of them which would be a fair assessment.

Yay house fight! Kirsty cooks a roast for everyone except Harleen who's a veggie but doesn't complain and Amba who's... difficult and complains a lot. Most of the girls seem to have a problem with her because she whinges a lot and comes across as aloof. There's always one....

Oh god now they've stolen the idea of posing for an ishoo - this time it's anti bullying. And whaddya know, they've all been bullied and want to raise awareness. Of course.*

Nicola Roberts pops up and is confronted by Delita telling her that they're related by friendship or something. To Nicola's credit, she smiles sweetly while clearly thinking Delita is a mental.

Tiffany's still bitching about her hair and uses that as her inspiration for her pain and anguish. Delita is apparently the only one who hasn't been bullied but she's still as rubbish as ever. Amelia gets told to stop moving and is a bit confrontational about having been told that before. Nicola didn't look impressed by such attitude.

Amazing how they all get matched to something that has affected them huh?

Judging now with Nicola as the guest judge. I bloody love her by the way.

ElleBot tells the girls that Susan's departure was a lesson in the cut throat nature of fashion... I'm still not convinced that it was done in the best way though.

Alisha's photos were fabulous. I'm liking her more now.

Julian accuses Nicola of being boring in a kind of bullying way. Way to understand the ishoo, Julien...

Charley picks up on Tiffany hating her hair.

Joy has a fab picture again.

Personality void Amelia is told again what she needs to do.

And total non surprise, there weren't that many good pictures this week.

Delita's not even in the bottom two?!?!!? What kind of crazy ass shiz is this?!?!?!! Instead it's down to Amelia and Harleen. Harleen gets sent home. This doesn't make sense in any sort of way.

Next week, chocolate! Carnaby Street! Beyonce!