Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Britain's Next Top Model: The One With The Makeover DRAMZ!

Makeover Week. We all know this is the only episode that is guaranteed to provide the necessary drama.

It started off tamely enough with a challenge from "style icon" (since when?!?) Miquita Oliver to create an outfit from Rokit's warehouse. Oh to be able to rummage through there, right? I'm not entirely sure where this idea that models have to be able to put outfits together to be successful has come from. Surely that's what stylists are for? And no, don't think for a moment that Kate Moss does it all herself.

Delita rendered Miquita speechless. She's amazing in her ridiculousness. Anyway, Amba won the challenge with a fairly safe look, winning 5 extra minutes for her and 5 minutes taken away from Kirsty in the photoshoot.

Next the girls got to see ElleBot do a shoot for Marie Claire before she sent them on their merry way to Daniel Galvin to be transformed. We were promised less hair, more hair and blonde hair. Marvellous.

Kirsty got the blonde, Harleen got the length and everyone else got something in between. Tiffany got the chop. Know how we could tell? She spent ages saying how much she hates short hair and cue tears! ElleBot tried to justify it with bone structure and cute pixie-ness. You can tell this is her first season doing it as she's still being nice and patient. HHPOF! Miz Tyra has got to the the stage of just telling them to get on with it. Alisha got her ratty weave chopped out.

And oh my but isn't Charlotte beyond annoying. Harleen and Joy look much better. Tiffany looks fab - she has a rare face that can rock short or long hair. Though obviously she can't see that yet.

Post makeover and a shoot for Links of London. Delita and Joy failed to deliver variety. Charlotte may be annoying but she did think about what she was doing.

I'm so undecided about Susan. She's really bouncy and.... nice but I'm not convinced she's a model.

And so to judging. Which is really far too tedious. Julien either needs a new insult writer or to learn to read the autocue better. He's more wooden than his Cuprinol Man twin.

And so Rachelle was dismissed. Curious. There was no stand out bad photo this week though. Apart from Delita. Really what is she all about? What info does she have on them?

Next week, go-sees and SHOCK! AND DRAMZ! with an unscheduled elimination....