Monday, 12 July 2010

Britain's Next Top Model: The One With Male Models! And Flesh! And Lingerie!

Previously on BNTM.... Seriously, the dramz are out in full force with this series already despite nothing really happening.

The lucky 14 have been sent to London for a pose off with Charley Speed. Posing with props. Mmm. So that means thinking about what you're posing with and holding it and arching apparently. Poor Charley, he ain't no Benny Ninja. And the girls ain't no posers. Apart from Susan, who I want to like but kinda want to slap at the same time because she is quite clearly A Drama Student.

Delita is deliciously deluded (no I will not stop with this until she is gone!) about her ability, insisting she was like La Moss.

Julien MacDonald woodenly wanders into view and proffers some gold catsuits for the girls to catwalk in. The amount of bad posture and bad walking is horrifying. Amelia was good but not because her and Julien are Welsh like she seems to think. And why do so many of these girls not know how to walk in heels?!?! Does no one understand that you have to practice these things?

Joy continues her bizarre displays of attitudinal problems. If someone says you need to work on something, you need to work on it. Not just dismiss it out of hand as irrelevant. Contrary to what she believes, she does not know everything.

Amelia and Kirsty were picked to walk at London Fashion Weekend and were pretty good to be fair.

Ugh pigeon chested male models. Who bizarrely invoke squeals (again, maybe it's contractual) And you know what half nekkid boymen mean? Nekkidness! Or rather more specifically a lingerie shoot for Fred and Ginger. The one goo thing about throwing them in at the deep end is that they have to get to grips with it. Despite all of them saying at the audition stages that they have absolutely no issues with nudity, when it comes down to it, nearly all of them do. Models spend a lot of time with not many clothes on so you kinda have to be ok with it or you don't work.

Joy and Kirsty had to lez it up which Joy couldn't quite get to grips with. Harleen worried about what her mum and boyfriend would think about her rolling round in her undercrackers.

Oh Delita... even with a mountain of instruction, her poor brain can't cope with more than one instruction at a time. Tiffany looked lovely - very sultry 60s.
I love Hannah. She's not a model but she's fab. Especially when stood next to the personality void that is Amelia. I don't like Amelia.

Susan and Amba had fab pictures as did Tiffany. My favourite overall though was this one from Joy and Kirsty

Hannah got down to the last two with Delita. And gallantly quit while she was ahead. Elle was simperingly nice about it. HHPOF! Miz Tyra would've cut a bitch for taking the place from someone who really, REALLY wanted it.

Anyway, next week..... MAKEOVER DRAMZ!!!! You know it's the only episode that counts.


LittleMoo said...

I thought Hannah was lovely too, she'd make such a cool mate. Good on her for stepping down when she realised the modelling business wasn't for her. I think we all knew that the minute she revealed a phobia of having her toes touching each other though didn't we? I've not seen many fashion shows with wide fitting shoes :D

As for makeovers last week - oh dear! Someone should slap Tiffany for being such a wuss.

I do love it when they tell a girl that she has to lose her weave. Not a common thing on BNTM, but it still produced the same horrified look on the girl's face as you get on ANTM.

Looking forward to watching this week's when I get some 'me time'.

zbsports said...

I like the picture they are a great model...that is a professional way of modeling love it...

vibram said...

that was a pretty cool shot, wonder whats the next thing in Britain's Next Top Model