Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fugly Shoe Of The Day: Ruched Ankle Boot by Maison Martin Margiela

Dear Shoe Designer at Maison Martin Margiela,

I cannot, and will not, tolerate such abominations to pollute my eyes. What were you thinking? Did you want me to cry? Did you know I wasn't wearing waterproof eye make up and thought it'd be fun for me to end up looking like The Joker? And to charge £625 for them?

For shame, for shame.

Never yours if you continue to design such things,

Never Enough Shoes

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Shoe Of The Day: 'Giggle' by Office

I was striding past Office the other day, on my way to something important like finding food or meeting The Hairy Drummer, when these cute things caught my eye and reeled me in, coaxing me to take a closer look and maybe fondle them.

They're a little bit 1980s does 1940s which somehow makes them rather timeless. They also come in orange, black, gold and silver but it's the light blue that I love the most. The heel is a lovely shape and not so high that you can't wear them all day and night.

'Giggle', £58 from Office

Monday, 19 April 2010

What Would I Wear With These.... Sash Cowboy Boots by Faith?

So you see a pair of shoes you like then wonder what the hell you'd wear with them. Happens to me all the time. Sometimes I'll buy the shoes then wander round the shops and internet finding something to go with them. Sometimes I'll just spend a long time staring at them in the shop until I can think of something that would go. And other times, I wonder how on earth I survived without them for so long when it's so obvious what they'd go with.

Here's the first WWIWWT.
At first glance, ankle cowboy boots only seem like a good idea if you hang out at a rodeo. Which I do all the never. Look at them again though. Now imagine sunshine, a field, good friends, cider and some live music. Looks good doesn't it? Would you be wearing these boots though?

How about it you were wearing this dress from Asos?

Tie dye not your thing? How about this patterned dress from Warehouse?

Shy about uncovering your legs? Maxi length skirts and dresses are back with a vengeance so there's no need to show off anything you don't want to. I'm liking this dress from Topshop (still a touch overpriced but will last for years if cared for)

Especially if it was worn with either of these belts from Faith (both in the sale!)

See. Those boots suddenly seem a must have don't they?

Bag Of The Day: 'Lola' by Irregular Choice

I know! A bag that I like! It's very rare that I fall in love with a bag that I can afford (hello Mulberry Bayswater...) but this very cute, very kitsch frame bag from Irregular Choice has stolen my heart! It's perfect for the summer - summer bags should definitely not be serious. And at £79.99, whilst it's a little more than I would normally contemplate spending on a bag, it's not so much that I wouldn't say no.

Lola frame bag by Irregular Choice, £79.99 from Tinfish