Wednesday, 14 October 2009

NES' Boot Quest: Flat Boots

I rather like flat boots. To me they seem so much more practical and subtly sexy compared to their somewhat in-your-face heeled compadres. They say "You know what, we may be flat but that means you won't slip over on slush/ice in front of that really hot guy who catches your train/bus/tube in the morning. And you know what else? He'll still be checking out your leather clad legs and thinking inappropriate before the watershed thoughts. And you'll be comfortable. What more do you want?"

Well exactly. What more do you want? Oh, maybe all of these please....

'Manfred' by Faith
See? They even have dependable names!

This particular Manfred is a rather simple riding boot. And is all the more lovely for it. He's multi-functional too - dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, leggings (if you must) - he'll cover all of them. And what price such versatility? Why only £90 which is Not Bad At All.

'Callous Stud' by Office
Now I don't know if they intend it to be called 'Callous Stud' but doesn't it sound very Jackie Collins? And that, reader, can only be A Good Thing.

The current vogue for studs will more than likely be dead by the time you read this but on these boots, they're understated enough to provide a bit of interest and a mild rock chick edge. At £115, they're not cheap but would never go out of fashion.

'Banner' Biker Boot by Office

Another boot from Office, this time a bit more biker but with the features of buckles and straps. It looks sturdy but sexy, non? And you can make it as tough or as feminine as you like. I'm seeing it in a haze of grungy 90s glory with a silk slip, floral dress, brushed cotton plaid shirt and chunky hat and scarf. All for the rather bargainous £85.

'Cate' by Christian Loutboutin
You didn't think I'd have done a trawl without finding some beautiful Louboutins did you? Why of course not!

And the beauty of these is the simplicity and concealed wedge heel. Worth the investment and care because these are what your gran would call "Timeless" and "Classic" and do you know what? We should all take more notice of what our grans say when it comes to Stuff Like Fashion. How much of an investment though? *whispers* £845. Wowee.


kenyatta Manning Pictures said...

Really like the Banner Biker Boots....