Monday, 5 October 2009

America's Next Top Model Season 12 Episode 4:

Natalie has set herself up as being the bestest model evah. Which is of course annoying the other girls.

Time for Runway 101 with Miz J. who was rocking a finishing school look.

Allison's walk was abysmal and she was given the book on head trick and told to get home and practice. Miz J brought in Bianca and Chantal from Season 9 to show how it should be done. Is it bad I couldn't remember them at all?

Truth or Dare? How deliciously high school! Nijah does a good Carlton dance. Natalie offends Tahlia which seems to be a pretty easy thing to do.

Teyona got re-madeover before joing the girls to walk for Jill Stuart. In front of Ann Shoket from Seventeen - who seems to being introduced earlier and earlier as each season passes.

Natalie did a weird turn in the middle. Nijah and Tahlia got headshakes from Miz J.

Poor Allison just looked terrified but in the end won people over. Fo did a good walk and had taken Miz J's advice.

The winner was Natalie who won some clothes from Jill Stuart despite her turn.

This week's photoshoot was on a tourbus going round NYC. Fo and Aminat were Wall St bitches and absolutely fab together.

Kortnie and Nijah were supposed to be Soho artists. Kortnie was looking rather lovely. But Nijah was dead in the eyes again.

Sandra and Celia were Upper Eastside nannies while Allison and London got to be the Gossip Girl/Olivia Palermo socialites.

Natalie, Teyona and Tahlia were tourists in Times Square with Tahlia leading the way. Mr Jay isn't convinced by Natalie.

Time for judging.

Kortnie and Nijah were up first. And didn't get it - mainly thanks to Nijah's meh.

Fo and Aminat - Fab!

Celia and Sandra - Sandra stands out but Celia also looks good.

Tahlia, Teyona and Natalie - Tahlia looked great and lit up the picture. Teyona has a lot of teeth!

Allison and London - Not a good shot really...

Best photo was Sandra.

Then Aminat.

Then Tahlia.

Bottom two: Allison and Nijah. With Nijah going. Nijah doesn't SMILE WITH HER EYES which is pretty much one of the worst things you could ever do. Like ever. Really.

Next week, the fabulous whirlwind of fierce, Benny Ninja. Pretty.