Thursday, 24 September 2009

NES Recommends.... Emu Boots

When the very lovely people at Fitness Footwear sent me a very lovely email asking if I'd like a pair of Emu boots, I was worried at first that they were a) psychic or b) stalking me as not two days before, I had been very seriously contemplating buying a pair.

Luckily they saved me the hassle and a pair of Bronte boots (the high Chestnut style) were duly sent to me the day after.

And I've hardly taken them off since. It really is like walking around with your own personal carpet and they are neither too hot or too cold.

Emu boots also seem a lot studier than their flashier counterpart, Uggs and at half the price, they make a very attractive alternative.

I would recommend going up a size as they are fairly snug fitting but that just makes them all the more wearable, especially now winter is making its move.

Emu boots from Fitness Footwear start at £69.95 with free UK shipping