Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Embracing My Eternal Inner Angela Chase

It is no secret that My So-Called Life was the best TV program ever. It is also no secret that when I was 14, Angela Chase was my, and most of my friends, ultimate hero. A lot of us went through the ritual of dying our hair pillar box red (a habit I haven't quite got out of sometimes), finding our own Jordan Catalano's to mooch over and of course matching our wardrobes to a hybrid of those of Angela and Rayanne.

So obviously, I felt very old when I wandered into H&M the other day and realised that almost everything in there would've been something I'd have bought at that crucial time in my life. Then I had a crisis. These are clothes that I would still buy and yes, while I wouldn't go for the whole look now, would I look like I was tragically trying to recapture my youth?

The key now is to make it a bit more grown up but to never lose the essence of what it was to be a gawky, awkward teenager. Because let's face it, how many of us have any more of a clue now than then?