Tuesday, 29 September 2009

America's Next Top Model Season 12 Episode 3: Makeover Dramarama!

It is what should be, in my opinion, THE best and most important episode of the series.

Makeover Dramarama. Hair, tears, tantrums, Mr Jay holding back on the "Bitch, please!"

Eeee! Crazy Charlie's Angels/spy intro! Femmtalian? What IS that?! For Fierce Eyes Only? MI6 wish they were as fabulous as that.

Sandra's been bleached and looks a bit like Amber Rose.

WHAT DID YOU DO TO ALLISON??????? They turned her into a crazy ass Barbie.

Fo has been pixied and looks even more fabulous and storms to the top of my favourite list.

Celia starts crying but her new short do looks "fashion".

Aminat finds her afro weave being modelled as a shrug by Miz J - they can watch and learn from him hi-jinxing around. She's not best pleased though.

London has been Aggy'd

Natalie started crying and fussing and then NOTHING happened to her which prompted a bit of jealousy.

Mainly from Fo who keeps crying. Oh Fo, this is not attractive honey. Stop it.

Jessica is so full of herself that a fall is not far away.....

Anyway so the first Cover Girl challenge to go out onto the mean streets of NYC in teams to get girls to buy into the Cover Girl thing and model for them.

Team 1 consisting of Celia, Aminat and Sandra won even though Sandra hardly said anything.

"Keep it cute or keep it on mute" - Fabulous. Love Aminat.

On to the photoshoot then with.... NIGEL!!!!! Noted Fashion Photographer and The Sex!

So the shoot is about finding the light with a bit of a rock chic edge with the girls directing themselves and holding their own lights. Which should be interesting.

Nijah was dead in the eyes.

Celia started upstaging Aminat. Kortnie failed a wee bit and on the whole completely underwhelmed Nigel.

London and Teyona pulled it off. Fo is being intimidated by her hair. LET IT GO!

Nolé Marin is back!!! LOVE it! But.... could maybe.... Janice... No, don't think about it... you'll only be disappointed.

Fo is up first and HHPOF! brings back the point that if a girl gets her hair lopped off, it's because she has great bone structure. Her picture was good though her attitude was a big turn off.

Nijah looked awful and wasn't SMILING WITH HER EYES! Seriously, has she NEVER seen ANTM before?!? HHPOF! commented it was almost like she'd never heard it before and seemed a bit disgusted at the failure to follow what should surely be the first thing you ever learn.

Allison - fabulous. Nolé loved her. I love her.

Sandra lacked tension. Which prompted a lesson in tension from HHPOF! These little lessons are priceless. Suck up the knowledge.

Celia is FIIIIEEEEERRRRRCCCCEEEEE! She's like a less fabulous Lel.

Jessica looked wrong in her picture - almost ugly and non novella as Nolé put it.

Natalie is wearing doilies according to Nolé who rounds on all of them for having no fashion sense whatsoever. Luckily her picture is great though.

HHPOF! is not happy with Teyona's hair but loved her picture. I'm not entirely sure why. It didn't look that great to me.

Aminat looked broken and didn't light herself properly at all.

Best picture of the week is Teyona.

Then Celia.

Then Allison.

Bottom two..... Fo (NO!) and Jessica.

Fo's tears have proven her downfall rather than her photo whereas Jessica isn't bringing the pretty to the photos and gets sent home.

HHPOF! drills into Fo that short means fabulous face.

So what have we learnt? That Makeover is less dramz filled than it used to be which sucks and that Nolé should be back for good. Possibly with Take That serenading him. He'd love that.