Monday, 8 June 2009

FINALLY! Something By Kate Moss For Topshop That I Actually Like!

Even though I still wouldn't fork out £90 (yes, really. £90.) for it, I do love this maxi dress from the new Kate Moss collection at Topshop.

I saw it in store the other day and was immediately drawn to it, cooed, found out what it was then looked at the price and wanted to cry a little bit. It's double layered which means it felt quite heavy and although there's a lot of fabric in there, it's only polyester which makes the price tag all the more galling. I'd expect it for cotton, not polyester.

I doubt I'm tall enough for it as well but still, for all the drawbacks, I can finally say she and her team have come up with something I like.


cheryl said...


You're right - this isn't bad but you're right, not worth £90. I'm not a huge fan of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection either, although I've never seen it in person, as we don't have Topshop in Canada.

They did a spread on Kate Moss in Vogue last year. I remember looking through it, drooling at her clothes. Then there was one pic of her in the most HIDEOUS red dress... cheap, bad fit... awful! I looked at the credit - you guessed it: Kate Moss for Top Shop.

If SHE can't even make her clothes look good then there's no hope for the rest of us!!