Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pre-Pay Day Treat: ASOS Heart Bracelet

I don't know about you but I am a couple of days away from pay day and, well, my bank account is showing the strain. But that's not to say we don't deserve treats!

Looking all summery and boho - the summer look you will never escape from in some form or another - this heart bracelet from ASOS is a perfect pre-pay day treat. At only £5, it'll inject a bit of texture and colour to your outfit and make you smile!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Don't Forget Top Model Has A New Home!

Don't forget that all things Top Model (pick a country of your choosing!) is now over at Watch With Lel And Sel.

The fabulous Miz Lesley and I will be blogging our little hearts out for your edification along with a whole host of other programs that you may or may not admit to watching. Don't worry, it can be our secret!

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Friday, 24 April 2009

Shoe Of The Day: Sales Wishlist!

This is your first of two Shoes Of The Day today so why not start with the bargain!

It's safe to say that I *heart* these Hulia wedges from Faith in a major way. They're smart enough to be worn to work or to dinner but also casual enough to be worn with denim cutoffs or some capri pants.

I love the step in the wedge as well. It adds a bit of texture and interest in a subtle way.

And the best bit? The price, £32 down from £95! Love it!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Shoe Of The Day

The Outnet is going to be the ruin of me! Behold these summery offerings from Olivia Morris. The satin print is by Celia Birtwell and just screams to be worn with a white circle skirt and pink or green top for some ultra cute 50s gorgeousness.

And the best bit? The price. £137.02 (I love the random 2p!) down from £342.55. They're still pricey but perhaps affordable as a pay day treat?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sales Round-up

As we shift from winter to spring, the stores seem to be in a never ending cycle of sales. The Spring sales are actually a great time to pick up pieces that will see you through summer and into Autumn/Winter again so don't automatically think about grabbing the cheapest stuff you can find.

We already know Office have a sale on - think about picking up something that'll go with everything and last for more than one season. These Polyantha heels would be the ideal choice and at £30 instead of £60, a good basic buy.

In terms of clothes, we're told time and time again to pick up good quality basics that'll stay the distance. Isabella Oliver have recently launched a non maternity range called 365 and will be having an exclusive online sale from Thursday 23rd April until Monday 4th May. They have some really pretty and useful basics that, yes, are a bit more pricey than regular high street but will last. So in cost per wear terms, they work out very well indeed. My favourite is this maxi dress. It's made from jersey and is multiway making it incredibly versatile.

In slightly more affordable places, Dorothy Perkins are offering 20% off EVERYTHING for 3 days. I'll certainly be snapping up some boring ol' work clothes along with some of their super cute dresses.

ASOS and Oli also have fab sales on at the moment, with ASOS bandying around the magic 75% off. Back to the High Street and Oasis have a good sale going on as well.

There'll be more to come in the next few weeks as stores try to shift dead stock to make way for new summery temptaions so keep an eye out!

There's A New Home For Top Model Reviews!

And a whole heap of other fantastic stuff as well!

I've teamed up with The Fabulous Miz Lesley Moore to create Watch With Lel And Sel - a new home for all things Top Model and anything else vaguely trashy and fabulous!

We know you watch some trashtastic programmes and it's ok - we do too! Please stop by and say hello! You can follow us on Twitter as well!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Shoe Of The Day

Apparently Barratts are going to be opening a branch here in the homestead soon so I thought I'd better acquaint myself with what they have to offer.

I was rather taken with these Guppy Love ballerinas. I like the big bow detail and the big stitching which adds an edge to the girlyness of the bow. As for the colour, I think pewter works best with a 'jeans and top' combo which at the moment is my default 'Out For Cocktails' outfit.

They can be yours for a reasonable £30 and come in black and purple as well.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

NES *hearts*... The Outnet

Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness.

So you know how Net-A-Porter is one of the prettiest sites to while away an hour or so, gazing in adoration upon items of pretty that one could never afford unless they didn't pay their rent/mortgage for 3 months? Well they've only gone and made a discount site.

And when I say discount, I mean discount. Up to 80% off a whole host of designer goodies anyone?

The Outnet features all the designers you'd find on Net-A-Porter and will feature special one off sales and all sorts of other exciting things, including a very fabulous 'Dress Me' section where they've done the outfit hunting for all manner of occasions for you.

Obviously, given the discounts involved, things do sell out very quickly. I've already been disappointed twice today but this is very definitely one to watch!

Shoe Of The Day: Sales Wishlist!

Office have a sale on at the moment. I know this because they seem to email me everyday showing me pretty new things that are just within my affordability range.

Pretty things such as these 'Down The Hatch' platforms. In a lushly dark red suede and a chunky, walkable heel, they channel a sort of retro vibe which could go from the 50s through to the 80s. Which is muy versatile dontcha think?

Down from £60 to £30, I think that's a bargain worth having.

Monday, 13 April 2009

America's Next Top Model: Season 11 Episode 13 - It's The Final Countdown!..

Drum roll please.... it's the FINAL!

So following last week's welcome and slightly overdue departure of Marjorie, we were down to Mckey, Samantha and Analeigh.

The action started off with the shooting of the Cover Girl commercial. Where they had to deliver a line in Dutch. Obviously. Quite why they also have to do this one from memorised lines isn't clear. I'm pretty sure that's not how it works in Actual Real Life.

Samantha floundered a bit and looked quite uncomfortable which was surprising given that she was considered to be the most commercial out of the three.

I'm not sure what happened to Mckey's make up - it seemed too... brown? but seriously, her hair was a disaster. It highlighted her ears which are... masculine to say the least. Sometimes I don't understand how HHPOF! Miz Tyra's mind works when it comes to the makeovers but then that's all part of the charm!

Analeigh blanked out but looked the most Cover Girl like. Bad ads don't necessarily mean you don't win though especially as she pulled it out of the bag when she was directed.

When it came to the print ad, Tim De Jonker wasn't keen on Samantha and Analeigh but loved Mckey. Her face was good but the hair! my goodness, the hair...

First judging. The edited ad was alright and featured more of Analeigh and Mckey than Samantha. Was this a sign of who was going to finish third?

The judges were disappointed with Analeigh's performance, citing her first advert shoot - which was teleprompted - was great while this was meh. And then they didn't like her still shot which was a bit surprising to me as I thought it was pretty much spot on.

They were falling over themselves to heap praise on Mckey though. Then Miz J. hit the nail on the head comparing her to Lurch. It all makes sense now!

Despite the unfortunate resemblance, Lurch was the first name called.

I was continually distracted by HHPOF! Miz Tyra's hair. It was big and curly and did I mention it was big? I can only think she did it to make her face look thinner.

Tension, tension, tension then OMG!!! Samantha?!?!? REALLY?!?!?! Ahead of Analeigh?!?!?! I was not expecting that.

On to the Seventeen cover shoot then. Ann Shoket from Seventeen was diplomatically impressed with both of them, though this time I thought Samantha seemed most appropriate.

Then runway time. Mr Jay unveiled his pink hilly masterpiece. The girls looked scared and started to feel the nerves. Miz Tyra saw them backstage for some words of encouragement, wearing it has to be said a beautiful black and white dress. Then actual walking!

Miz J started it off to show how it should be done then Whitney came out. How she won last season is a mystery to me. She was all uber pouty and clunky walking.

Mckey is out first and seems ok-ish but is a bit stoopy and Lurch like. Samantha is a bit clunky and too slow backstage which is not a good thing. Time is money people!

Samantha also made the mistake of allowing her nerves to rule her face while Mckey followed Whitney's lead and uber pouted.

Then onto the final, final judging to find out Who. Will. Be. America's. Next. Top. Model.

HHPOF! Miz Tyra looked finger waggingly FIEEEEERRRRRRCCEEEEE!!!! It's like she was channelling Grace Jones with her shoulder pads and her poker straight hair.

Nigel pulled Mckey up on her clunkiness in walking while Miz Tyra noticed Samantha's nervousness via the interpretive medium of her down turned mouth. Also possibly because she did look like she might cry from actual nerves.

Then actual judging. They were fairly even in their praise for both of them but were slightly more in favour of Mckey which must mean that the winner of ANTM must be.....


And she was disappointingly tame about her celebration. Where was the crying and the screeching?

So as Mckey disappears into the annals of ANTM history, we move our sights closer to home and the start of Britain's Next Top Model. I don't think the right person has won any of them so we'll have to see what unfolds. What I can tell you is that there'll be a new home for the reviews so watch this space to find out where!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

NES Is A Domestic Slut!


I'm super excited about joining the fabulous ladies of Domestic Sluttery from next week!

Go and see what pretty things they've cooed over so far and mix up some of the fab cocktail recipes!

And as for the shoes? Well, having had a bit of a nightmare with the tech last week, normal shoe lusting will be resumed from next week as well.

In the meantime, you can say hello to me on Twitter or drop me an email at shoes.neverenough@gmail.com.

Enjoy your weekend!

NES x x x

Monday, 6 April 2009

America's Next Top Model: Season 11 Episode 12 - Fantastic Four? Not So Much...

Oh for goodness sake Marjorie. STFU. I'm so over you right now. Having survived the bottom two again, Marjorie is now infused with some sort of joie de vivre which has sent her into paroxysms of smiling like a demented pixie. Naturally it's unnerving everyone else too.

Paulina was up for the first teach involving selling With Your Eyes. Or rather without speaking. None of them were awful but none of them were outstanding. But then it seemed to involve smelling dead fish and hugging loo rolls....

The task was to audition for a commercial involving jogging and cute guys and taxis. And no speaking. And Mark Vanderloo. To win $10,000 at G-Star. I'm not quite sure I could spend $10,000 at G-Star - a girl can only wear so many jeans surely...?

But seriously, flirting while running on a treadmill? Flirting while running full stop?! What kind of madness is this?! And there's no actual cab for Mark Vanderloo to be safely locked in. Remember the girls have been starved of male hotness for WEEKS - apart from gazing at Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker from a safe (for him) distance.

Mckey got the flirting and running down very well indeed. But then she's a cage fighter so she does running like all the time. Or something.

Analeigh was very elegantly cute. Samantha was typical All American Gal. Marjorie? Oh Marjorie. She was all cutesy nervousness, including random giggling, which managed to win her the task to the surprise of many no doubt.

Back to the house and Marjorie likes her new found flirting confidence and calls the boys who ferried them around to the go sees. Hurrah! Boys! Drinking! Except Marjorie's the only one who drinks! What's that about?! And now Marjorie is in the bath with Bernard! And she still has her clothes on! And no one quite understands what's going on! What happened to like in earlier seasons when everyone got drunk??? That was far more entertaining.

On to the shoot which was in front of a WINDMILL and they had to wear CLOGS because, y'know, they're in AMSTERDAM. Sheesh, cliches have never been so stylised.

Mr Jay thought Marjorie was drunk. She may well have been - she was packing those shots away the night before. She pulled some good photos though even if they were all a bit samey and dull.

Samantha totally fell flat this week and had to have some extra coaching from Mr Jay which he Does Not Like To Do. She complained about the clogs hurting and how she wasn't in the zone and yeah, whatever.

Analeigh did her usual jumping around and Mckey climbed up the windmill a bit. Mr Jay was loving it.

Mckey's photo was universally loved. Marjorie's was ok but a bit meh. Samantha was meh and HHPOF! Miz Tyra went on about her downturned top lip. Umhm. Analeigh was fab as ever.

Best picture this week was Analeigh unsurprisingly. Then Mckey leaving Marjorie and Samantha in the bottom two.

HHPOF! Miz Tyra waffled on for a while about Marjorie being all composed and showing no personality and then sent her home. Apparently all her personality was tied up in the fact she was a nervous wreck ALL THE TIME. Who knew she even had a personality?

Anyoldhoo, it's the FINAL next week!! Walking on ridiculous catwalks! More running! Tears! Dramas!

Who. Will. BE [I love that ridiculous emphasis here]. America's. Next. Top. Model?

Going from the quick shots of the Cover Girl ads, my money's on Analeigh or Mckey....