Tuesday, 3 March 2009

NES' Top Tips.... How To Wear Heels Without Wanting To Die From The Pain

In The Guardian today, Imogen Fox has proffered some tips on how to survive wearing heels having seen La Posh cavorting round a theme park in what else but 5" Louboutins.

But what is she telling us that we don't already know? Nothing. It's what she isn't telling us that's important and so I bring to you Never Enough Shoes' Top Tips on How To Wear Heels Without Wanting To Die From The Pain.

1. Ignore the tip about gel pads. They don't work.
Or at least none that I have ever tried have. The thing about padding is correct, nay essential, but there are better ways round it. As a rule I always have at least a cushioned insole inside my heels. You can pick them up very cheaply - I generally use these ones from Boots. Sometimes, that can be enough but for your very high heels or very spindly stilettos you need something extra.

In come these amazing pieces of awesome from Scholl - ball of foot cushions. Ignore their Party Feet range, these are the things to go for. As they hook over the toe, they don't slip about and scrunch up behind your toes and provide a foot-wide blister as happened to me both times I tried the gel pads.

Alternatively (or sometimes I have been know to use them in addition to the foot cushions), if you live in the States or don't but know someone going soon or someone there who can send them to you, get some of Duane Reade's No-Slip Cushions. I think they're about $3.50 and act in much the same way but just stick to the sole of your shoe with some kind of amazing tape. It means you can move them between shoes and they do retain their stick.

2. Practice.
Seriously, strut around the house in them like Miz J. Alexander is coaching you to catwalk stardom, stretch them out, mould them to your feet. I wear mine to do the housework in. The more fitted they are then the more comfortable they'll be. It's kinda like the principle behind shrink to fit jeans (remember that?!) only this time it's stretch to fit. Plus, the more practice you have, the more confident you'll be in them which leads us nicely to....

3. Stand up straight and walk properly!
Understand that wearing heels throws your natural balance and lowers your centre of gravity. I'm not a science geek but even I know that this means you have to alter the way you walk. It is so much easier if you keep good posture and a confident stride. The added benefits mean that your back won't hurt at the end of the day than if you were slouching a bit like you do in trainers. Don't deny you do, we all do!

4. Painkillers can help
Ok so medicating yourself to wear shoes isn't possibly the best idea in the world but keep a packet handy. So long as you're not allergic, ibuprofen works best in these cases. But please, please don't take them if you're out drinking - it's not a good idea! It could be argued that enough champagne cocktails numbs the pain sufficiently too but please stick to one or the other!

5. Substitute!
Take a pair of flats with you to wear at the end or during some points of the night. Forget them at your peril. I did this a few months ago and ended up walking home barefoot, in the rain, complaining that my feet hurt with some actual crying from the pain. Suffice to say I hadn't followed any of my own advice....

So there we have it. I generally find that following these tips does result in a virtually pain free heel wearing experience. But do you have any other top tips? Let me know if you do!


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Great practical tips! Thanks for outing the problems with gel pads!


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