Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Is Your Body Too Bumpalicious?

Isn't it always the way? You really need/want something and you can never find what you need/want then suddenly, when the need/want has passed, you can't move for the stuff?

This is the situation with me and maternity clothes. About 5 years ago I was busy growing The Daughter and was desperate for some stylish but crucially not expensive maternity clothes to cover the bump. I began to see why the late 90s trend for celebs baring their pregnant bellies was not a case of extra publicity, it was simply that there was no decent maternity clothing around.

Companies like Blooming Marvellous and Isabella Oliver could supply the Yummy Mummy set no problem but what about Rock'n'roll Mummies like me?! Apparently we didn't exist.

Then Topshop became a clothing saviour again. They started doing a very small maternity range - jeans and tees - which was perfect.

But only in their Oxford Street branch. No matter, I needed jeans so I went and got them and they were absolutely perfect.

But aside from that and a couple of things from H&M, I had to be content with larger sized clothes. Luckily I was one of those freaky pregnant women who lost weight apart from the bump so I could still fit into size 16 clothes.

Fast forward 5 years and suddenly EVERYONE has a maternity range. I suspect that the increase in celebrity babies has played it's part but now you can choose from the stalwarts at H&M and Topshop through to Dorothy Perkins and Peacocks as well as countless internet stores meaning that you can find something affordable no matter what your fashion taste or budget. And don't forget eBay in all of this - bear in mind you'll only be getting 5-6 months wear out of this stuff!

The most important part of maternity clothing though is your bra. It's essential to get measured regularly and to get well fitting, supportive bras. Your breasts will thank you! Personally, I found Elle MacPherson's maternity range to be the most comfortable and, crucially, good looking. Figleaves have a fantastic range though so search and try out to find the one that's right for you.

I'd love to hear your comments on this and any unearthed tips or recommendations for fabulous bump covers!


moonmamma said...

aha dotty p's have had a maternity range forever
I bought a delightful peterpan colour frock there when pg with DD1 (18 years ago)
and a lovely pair of wide leg crops and a few flowing shirts when pg with DD2 (8 years ago)
by DD3 they seemed to stop their range - and I was stuck with H&M (not good when youa re only 5') so good to see DP's back in the swing of it!