Tuesday, 31 March 2009

America's Next top Model: Season 11 Episode 10/11: Go See Means Just Bloomin' Well Get There!

The following is basically my thought stream whilst watching ANTM. I've taken out the references to cookies, marshmallows and other foodstuffs. Though they might've made it more interesting....

Analeigh had the best pic from last week's first episode in Amsterdam which was all a bit piratey and surprisingly lovely. For the judging though, McKey was dressed up like Xena Model Princess which was disturbing yet amazing. I had interwebz trouble so lost all my notes on the rest of it. Suffice to say there was much being lost in a new city and Hoochy Queen Sheena got sent home instead of Ice Queen Elina.

So today is 'Go See' time which is always good for some dramz and hilarity. Marjorie is freaked out by the mere thought of finding her way to a go see so you just know she's going to be monumentally annoying and nervously tickish.

Marlies Dekkers is fab and thought Samantha was too commercial. Which she is.

Hans Ubbink loved Analeigh who seems to be acting the most professional.

Elina made the fatal error for Mart Vikker of sweating from running ("Models NEVER sweat darling") and having tattoos for Marlies Dekker.

Marjorie, having got lost, ignored and flustered bordering on tears, gave up and went back on time but had only seen 2 designers. Mckey was late and disqualified from the challenge despite being the favourite of the designers. Though the judges weren't there when she sneaked in so how did they know....

Analeigh rightly won the challenge and won clothes from all the designers to the obvious shock of Elina - bitch thought she had it in the bag.

Ooh it's HHPOF! As Serious Photographer time! with her traditonal plain and made up faces nicked from an idea for a shoot she was in years ago.

Marjorie, SHUT UP FFS! I'm SO OVER your ridiculous whining and broken doll posing!

Analeigh seemed to get it perfectly. I like her. She's pretty but quirky, seemingly very lovely and polite and well, just nice. Sometimes I like nice people.

Elina's nails were criticised for being too long. And again she was way too controlled. She kept making the classic mistake of snapping into what she thinks is a pose the moment the shutter goes.

Mckey seemed to do better on the plain shoot. I am undecided over her and still hate her hair.

Samantha though rocked the plain shoot and was deservedly pic of the week.

Then it was down to Elina and Marjorie somewhat predictably. Elina was criticised for being cold and Marjorie was criticised for being a hyper bag o'nerves.

Somewhat unpredictably Marjorie was picked to stay ahead of Elina. Bitch best stop crying before next week....