Monday, 16 March 2009

America's Next Top Model: Season 11 Episode 8 - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Cover Girl!

Surely it's too early in the season for a catch-up episode? Apparently not as I settled down to two hours of ANTM madness (though admittedly not as mad as the stampede and general dumbassness at the Season 13: Revenge Of The Shorties auditions...). So we get arguments and rap offs and talcum powder fights. Obviously.

But OMG! Sweet Lil Hannah asked the magic question we all want the answer to - how do you smile with your eyes?!!?!? Tyra ably demonstrated not smiling with your eyes and, er, smiling WITH your eyes. Apparently it looks a bit like squinting in the sun....

Anyhoo, after the out takes, back to the current action and Elina and Marjorie are bonding over a common Europeanality while everyone else is flying the flag for the Great American Way.

Luckily the Aswirl Twins are on hand to introduce some swirly whirly awesome along with James St James which all results in some invisible modelling for Pedro Zillia meaning that it's All About The Clothes. There seemed that there should have been some hilarity to come from everyone being dressed as Kermit. Until Elina started to have a panic attack. Which a bit of dancing sorted out. Obviously. I always quell any sense of panic or dread with a quick boogie....

Apparently no one got the idea of showing the clothes off - Joslyn looked like an invisible stripper, Shoochna twirled too much, Marjorie let her dress fall down - except for Elina who won the photoshoot for Seventeen. She picked Marjorie and Analeigh to join her who all produced some very cute, Seventeen appropriate shots.

Shoochna, Marjorie and Elina came to blows again on over being ethnic and American and not American and ohmygiddyaunt, isn't everyone in America an immigrant anyway?!

Cover Girl ad time. S10 winner Whitney showed up to lend some support and er.... not a lot else.

Samantha was her usual All American Girl Next Door. I don't like her though - she's a wee bit bitchy in a not good way for me.

Mckey didn't realise where she was supposed to walk and seemed a bit lost. And I don't understand what was happening with her hair. It looked like Monica's hair on that One From Friends When Phoebe Cuts Monica's Hair And Confused Demi Moore With Dudley Moore (I believe that was the actual episode title...)

Analeigh was great! Cute and engaging and actually seemed to understand what adverts are about i.e. showing the product.

Joslyn decided to throw up everywhere.... then overdid her shoots in a bid to overcompensate.

Marjorie started crying.... then did some weird chicken neck thing.

Sheena brought it and managed to turn off the hooch for once which managed to surprise everyone involved.


A test on who can walk in clogs which was this week's tenuous link to this season's trip abroad to Amsterdam.

Analeigh rightly won accolade of Best Commercial In ANTM History. Which led to HHPOF! draping herself over The Hotness that is Nigel Barker. Can't blame her but he looks scared every time she gets close.

It got to the last two being Elina and Joslyn and after some mini dramz where it seemed Elina was going to be sent home for being cold, Joslyn got sent home because she had diminished in the face of competition and ANTM is no home for sympathy votes apparently.

So, off to Amsterdam from next week which should be interesting. if only for the range of disturbing attempts at a Dutch accent from HHPOF!

Although I have found out who won this season, I'm very intrigued to find out how as currently I would not expect it. Maybe a trip to Europe brings something out in them?