Friday, 6 February 2009

Shoe Of The Day

I truly believe in a former life, I was an MGM star like Ginger Rogers or Debbie Reynolds and I got to dance with Gene Kelly for a living. My attraction to shoes like this and my love of all things that sparkle are a current life reminder, I'm sure of it!

Every time I see these in Office, I stroke them and resist the temptation to try them on and foxtrot round the store. Quite frankly what more could you want from a special occasion shoe? It has glitter. It has sparkles. It has leg lengthening height and champagne/nude satin. It is, in short, magnificent.

It comes in black too but that is nowhere near as awesome.

If you need a pair too, they're £80 and in store now.


Fashion For Love said...

shoe-heart-attack Must...take...a...Bayer.