Friday, 20 February 2009

Fugly Shoe Of The Day

So apologies for the gap in the fug. Teh interwebs and I fell out over my router. We've made up now so Friday is going to be Bumper Fugly Day, with a pretty treat at the end to prevent total despair at the state of the shoe design world.

So first up we have this offering from Jessica Simpson. Generally I actually quite like her shoes - they're fairly simple, classic styles that don't make you recoil in horror but then nor do they make you squee with delight. The problem comes when her design team tries to venture into "fashion" and their fervoured minds come up with evils like this.

A lot of brogue tassleing, peep toe, suede, platform, studs, heel. It's All Too Much. But if they float your boat then there's $10 off at