Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Shoe Of The Day: Sales Wishlist!

I like the word 'sales'. It conjures up winsome images of me exiting Selfridges laden with goodies that normally would escape my mere mortal grasp.

In reality of course, it's the same tat peddled at slightly lower prices but which still will not tempt me to part with my cash. And Selfridges would have to have a pretty damn magnificent sale for me to be able to afford half the stuff I wanted in there!

But still, a girl can dream right? And this girl dreams of having a spare £633.50 lurking somewhere so I could buy these divine Alexander McQueen shoes and thus save myself £271.50 to spend on a dress to go with them.

Don't question the logic, just love the shoes.

Alexander McQueen Crystal Platforms, were £903 now £633.50 at Net A Porter