Monday, 12 January 2009

Golden Globes Win/Fail!: Jennifer Lopez

I can't WAIT to read what the GFY girls write about this particular piece of divadom. Taking the art of dressing one's own golden globes for the Golden Globes in GOLD! while still reminding everyone that you were the original bringer of curves, despite the fact you've popped out two children at the same time, to a whole new level, J.Lo (you know she was in a J.Lo place when she picked this) sashayed like a primed vixen in plunging Marchesa.

Except she's not quite in the shape she was and it all seemed a little bit desperate which isn't what I want from my divas.

But on the otherhand it is FABULOUS! in that kind of ridiculous J.Lo way that I was a bit worried had been sucked out of her by her creepy weird husband. And she did have two babies at the same time and looks quite ridiculously good following that.

I'm erring on the side of WIN!