Monday, 12 January 2009

Golden Globes Win!: Kate Winslet

Finally. Kate Winslet won something. Two somethings in fact. And she did it in one of the more boring dresses she's ever worn for an awards ceremony (her Oscars circa Titanic Galliano green dress is still my favourite)

But although it was simple, it was elegant and well fitting and the whole package was so perfectly put together and it was so brilliantly English that she forgot who Angelina was and the over the top speech can be forgiven seeing as she had finally got the chance to make one that we can forgive her for picking this YSL number though I'd loved to have seen what else she was sent to choose from.

Picture: Golden Globe® Awards 2009 - © MMIX Hollywood Foreign Press Association®
"© HFPA" and "66th Golden Globe® Awards"


Fashion For Love said...

I loved this dress. It was like a tuxedo for a woman. Very well fitted and elegant. She wore it well. It would look odd on someone else, like Angelina.