Monday, 12 January 2009

Golden Globes Fail!: Cameron Diaz

What's happened to Cameron Diaz? She used to be Hollywood's fun time girl in a cute and wholesome way and now? It's like she's desperately trying to remind us that that's who she is even though she herself is a bit tired of it now.

It shows. She's beginning to look a bit old and really is it too much to brush or style your hair and get your roots done?

As for the dress. It pains me to tell you that this mishmash of bubblegum pink drapery is brought to you by none other than Unkle Karl and the normally glorious Chanel. It's just too much and too wrong. Seriously? Ruching it up at the bottom makes it look like you can't be bothered to hem it up properly.

Unkle Karl, you have saddened me and it hurts more when you sadden me.