Monday, 7 December 2009

NES Picks Her Top 8 Dream Party Dresses

As we all know, December should really be renamed 'Month Of A Million Parties' and as such is all about the show stopping dress. So in the name of research, I've pored over countless fashion magazines and blogs and websites and random people in the street and compiled my Top 8 Dream Dresses. Y'know, the ones with the price tag that takes your breath away and makes you cry for a million pounds to magically land in your account just so you could have all of them because you can't possibly choose between them and the postman hates you because he has to deliver so many invitations to your house.

No? Just me then. Right. Well anyway, these dresses are the ones that if I could afford them, I'd have them. Even if it was only to do the housework in. I don't really get all that many invites to glitzy parties.

1. 'Carla' satin gown by Erdem

Words cannot express how much I NEED this dress. The effect of being covered up in an age when you can't move for over-tanned plastics falling out of a 3 inch scrap of cloth masquerading as a dress is phenomenal. If you swept into a party (preferably down a sweeping staircase, accompanied by nothing except a discreet diamond laden bracelet, a martini and a cigarette in a holder) wearing this, it would afford you the sheen of femme fatale not seen since the 1930s. There would be swooning and wooing. Those are Good Things.

2. Floral Maxi Dress by Just Cavalli

Now, Roberto Cavalli isn't normally a designer who makes me want things that he has to offer, especially via the Just Cavalli diffusion line. But this, this is different. It's subtle. And pretty. And versatile in that 'can be worn at any point in the year' kind of way to any kind of event. Which would mean it justified its price tag on a cost per wear basis if nothing else.

3. 'Carmina' by Diane Von Furstenberg

How cute and fun is this?! When a lot of people go for black or other darker colours, this would make you pop at any party. Best accessorised with bare tanned legs and some fabulously golden or jewel coloured heels. And a beehive.

4. Hooded Sequin Dress by Alexander McQueen

Sequins! A hood! Long sleeves! Red! Black! Glamour! This is the Cruella De Vill of all the dresses. In fact, if I don't see a picture of Glenn Close wearing it, I'll be very disappointed.

5. Red Shift Dress by Valentino

This isn't the most obvious choice for a party dress. But that's the beauty of it. Red is a damn festive colour and a shift dress in this style is pure Joan Holloway. And what is more devastatingly sexy than that?

6. Strapless Silk Chiffon Gown by Marchesa

It's because of dresses like this that Marchesa is a Hollywood star favourite. The flowingness of the silk chiffon and the beading make it incredibly romantic but the colour gives it a bit of edge. I'd expect to see Eva Longoria-Parker or La Lopez rocking this one.

7. Drape Front Jersey Gown by Roberto Cavalli

Another Cavalli dress?! I know, I could hardly believe it myself but, well, just look at it. It's like the slightly more overt cousin of the Erdem dress. The cross front is very flattering and the diamante detail at the waist completes the old school glamour cocktail. This is a dress that demands Veronica Lake waves.

8. Ruffle Halter Gown by Valentino

This dress is simple but dramatic all at the same time. The colour makes it stand out more than it would in black. Of course, it also benefits from having a touch of the Audrey about it.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

NES' Boot Quest: Flat Boots

I rather like flat boots. To me they seem so much more practical and subtly sexy compared to their somewhat in-your-face heeled compadres. They say "You know what, we may be flat but that means you won't slip over on slush/ice in front of that really hot guy who catches your train/bus/tube in the morning. And you know what else? He'll still be checking out your leather clad legs and thinking inappropriate before the watershed thoughts. And you'll be comfortable. What more do you want?"

Well exactly. What more do you want? Oh, maybe all of these please....

'Manfred' by Faith
See? They even have dependable names!

This particular Manfred is a rather simple riding boot. And is all the more lovely for it. He's multi-functional too - dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, leggings (if you must) - he'll cover all of them. And what price such versatility? Why only £90 which is Not Bad At All.

'Callous Stud' by Office
Now I don't know if they intend it to be called 'Callous Stud' but doesn't it sound very Jackie Collins? And that, reader, can only be A Good Thing.

The current vogue for studs will more than likely be dead by the time you read this but on these boots, they're understated enough to provide a bit of interest and a mild rock chick edge. At £115, they're not cheap but would never go out of fashion.

'Banner' Biker Boot by Office

Another boot from Office, this time a bit more biker but with the features of buckles and straps. It looks sturdy but sexy, non? And you can make it as tough or as feminine as you like. I'm seeing it in a haze of grungy 90s glory with a silk slip, floral dress, brushed cotton plaid shirt and chunky hat and scarf. All for the rather bargainous £85.

'Cate' by Christian Loutboutin
You didn't think I'd have done a trawl without finding some beautiful Louboutins did you? Why of course not!

And the beauty of these is the simplicity and concealed wedge heel. Worth the investment and care because these are what your gran would call "Timeless" and "Classic" and do you know what? We should all take more notice of what our grans say when it comes to Stuff Like Fashion. How much of an investment though? *whispers* £845. Wowee.

NES And The Quest For The Perfect Pair Of Boots

Dear reader, it's the same every year. The weather starts turning a little chilly, August suddenly becomes Winter and I still will not have found a decent pair of winter boots.

In my head, I like to think that I'll do it differently next year. Perhaps be super organised and get the perfect pair in the January sales so they're ready and waiting for when the leaves start falling off the trees. But no, because if I waited until the sales then the perfect boot would already have gone and then I'd have to go through the same tribulations and heartache all over again anyway.

So, seeing as the very lovely Alex pointed out this morning that we're already half way through October, I've decided I best get a shift on. Meaning that I'll be scouring THE WORLD* in my quest and sharing the fruits of my labour with you because you are lovely and you obviously appreciate good shoes and boots.

If you see anything you think worthy of note, let me know!

* Obviously when I say 'THE WORLD', I mean a whole bunch o'websites and not an actual physical jaunt around the world though if someone would like to fly me to New York, that'd be fantastique!

NES x x x

Monday, 5 October 2009

America's Next Top Model Season 12 Episode 4:

Natalie has set herself up as being the bestest model evah. Which is of course annoying the other girls.

Time for Runway 101 with Miz J. who was rocking a finishing school look.

Allison's walk was abysmal and she was given the book on head trick and told to get home and practice. Miz J brought in Bianca and Chantal from Season 9 to show how it should be done. Is it bad I couldn't remember them at all?

Truth or Dare? How deliciously high school! Nijah does a good Carlton dance. Natalie offends Tahlia which seems to be a pretty easy thing to do.

Teyona got re-madeover before joing the girls to walk for Jill Stuart. In front of Ann Shoket from Seventeen - who seems to being introduced earlier and earlier as each season passes.

Natalie did a weird turn in the middle. Nijah and Tahlia got headshakes from Miz J.

Poor Allison just looked terrified but in the end won people over. Fo did a good walk and had taken Miz J's advice.

The winner was Natalie who won some clothes from Jill Stuart despite her turn.

This week's photoshoot was on a tourbus going round NYC. Fo and Aminat were Wall St bitches and absolutely fab together.

Kortnie and Nijah were supposed to be Soho artists. Kortnie was looking rather lovely. But Nijah was dead in the eyes again.

Sandra and Celia were Upper Eastside nannies while Allison and London got to be the Gossip Girl/Olivia Palermo socialites.

Natalie, Teyona and Tahlia were tourists in Times Square with Tahlia leading the way. Mr Jay isn't convinced by Natalie.

Time for judging.

Kortnie and Nijah were up first. And didn't get it - mainly thanks to Nijah's meh.

Fo and Aminat - Fab!

Celia and Sandra - Sandra stands out but Celia also looks good.

Tahlia, Teyona and Natalie - Tahlia looked great and lit up the picture. Teyona has a lot of teeth!

Allison and London - Not a good shot really...

Best photo was Sandra.

Then Aminat.

Then Tahlia.

Bottom two: Allison and Nijah. With Nijah going. Nijah doesn't SMILE WITH HER EYES which is pretty much one of the worst things you could ever do. Like ever. Really.

Next week, the fabulous whirlwind of fierce, Benny Ninja. Pretty.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

America's Next Top Model Season 12 Episode 3: Makeover Dramarama!

It is what should be, in my opinion, THE best and most important episode of the series.

Makeover Dramarama. Hair, tears, tantrums, Mr Jay holding back on the "Bitch, please!"

Eeee! Crazy Charlie's Angels/spy intro! Femmtalian? What IS that?! For Fierce Eyes Only? MI6 wish they were as fabulous as that.

Sandra's been bleached and looks a bit like Amber Rose.

WHAT DID YOU DO TO ALLISON??????? They turned her into a crazy ass Barbie.

Fo has been pixied and looks even more fabulous and storms to the top of my favourite list.

Celia starts crying but her new short do looks "fashion".

Aminat finds her afro weave being modelled as a shrug by Miz J - they can watch and learn from him hi-jinxing around. She's not best pleased though.

London has been Aggy'd

Natalie started crying and fussing and then NOTHING happened to her which prompted a bit of jealousy.

Mainly from Fo who keeps crying. Oh Fo, this is not attractive honey. Stop it.

Jessica is so full of herself that a fall is not far away.....

Anyway so the first Cover Girl challenge to go out onto the mean streets of NYC in teams to get girls to buy into the Cover Girl thing and model for them.

Team 1 consisting of Celia, Aminat and Sandra won even though Sandra hardly said anything.

"Keep it cute or keep it on mute" - Fabulous. Love Aminat.

On to the photoshoot then with.... NIGEL!!!!! Noted Fashion Photographer and The Sex!

So the shoot is about finding the light with a bit of a rock chic edge with the girls directing themselves and holding their own lights. Which should be interesting.

Nijah was dead in the eyes.

Celia started upstaging Aminat. Kortnie failed a wee bit and on the whole completely underwhelmed Nigel.

London and Teyona pulled it off. Fo is being intimidated by her hair. LET IT GO!

Nolé Marin is back!!! LOVE it! But.... could maybe.... Janice... No, don't think about it... you'll only be disappointed.

Fo is up first and HHPOF! brings back the point that if a girl gets her hair lopped off, it's because she has great bone structure. Her picture was good though her attitude was a big turn off.

Nijah looked awful and wasn't SMILING WITH HER EYES! Seriously, has she NEVER seen ANTM before?!? HHPOF! commented it was almost like she'd never heard it before and seemed a bit disgusted at the failure to follow what should surely be the first thing you ever learn.

Allison - fabulous. Nolé loved her. I love her.

Sandra lacked tension. Which prompted a lesson in tension from HHPOF! These little lessons are priceless. Suck up the knowledge.

Celia is FIIIIEEEEERRRRRCCCCEEEEE! She's like a less fabulous Lel.

Jessica looked wrong in her picture - almost ugly and non novella as Nolé put it.

Natalie is wearing doilies according to Nolé who rounds on all of them for having no fashion sense whatsoever. Luckily her picture is great though.

HHPOF! is not happy with Teyona's hair but loved her picture. I'm not entirely sure why. It didn't look that great to me.

Aminat looked broken and didn't light herself properly at all.

Best picture of the week is Teyona.

Then Celia.

Then Allison.

Bottom two..... Fo (NO!) and Jessica.

Fo's tears have proven her downfall rather than her photo whereas Jessica isn't bringing the pretty to the photos and gets sent home.

HHPOF! drills into Fo that short means fabulous face.

So what have we learnt? That Makeover is less dramz filled than it used to be which sucks and that Nolé should be back for good. Possibly with Take That serenading him. He'd love that.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

NES Recommends.... Emu Boots

When the very lovely people at Fitness Footwear sent me a very lovely email asking if I'd like a pair of Emu boots, I was worried at first that they were a) psychic or b) stalking me as not two days before, I had been very seriously contemplating buying a pair.

Luckily they saved me the hassle and a pair of Bronte boots (the high Chestnut style) were duly sent to me the day after.

And I've hardly taken them off since. It really is like walking around with your own personal carpet and they are neither too hot or too cold.

Emu boots also seem a lot studier than their flashier counterpart, Uggs and at half the price, they make a very attractive alternative.

I would recommend going up a size as they are fairly snug fitting but that just makes them all the more wearable, especially now winter is making its move.

Emu boots from Fitness Footwear start at £69.95 with free UK shipping

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Shoe Of The Day: 'Lana' by KG Kurt Geiger

Glamorous flats have been sneaking their way in over the past couple of years as a perfectly viable evening option and when you get pretties like these, it's easy to see why.

Capturing all the glitz of something you might see on a heel - the oversize sparkle, the peep toe, the colour - but in the practical and (whisper it!) comfort of a flat, they suddenly become a lot more value for money when you consider they can be dressed up or down. And at £110, you want as good a Cost Per Wear as you can get!

Lana by KG by Kurt Geiger, £110 at Kurt Geiger

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Shoe Of The Day: Stella McCartney Pierced Over The Knee Boot

If I were a million foot tall, with legs up to the moon, I would so be stalking around in these babies. The whys and wherefores speak for themselves. Regardez.

They are simply the sex.

Stella McCartney OTK Pierced Boots, $1595 at Neiman Marcus

America's Next Top Model Season 12: Moving Dramz And The First Proper Shoot

The one thing that strikes you first about this season of ANTM, is HHPOF! Miz Tyra's jiggling bosom. It is immense and all kinds of hypnotic... maybe that's the secret of her Inner Fierce?

Anyway, here we are, moving day in N Y Freaking C. Obviously there's LOADS of squealing and shots of Times Square just in case you forget where you are and to further push the point home, the girls are sent to the Empire State Building.

According to Kortnie, the Empire State Building is like 80 floors high or something which she knew from her ears popping. Bless her!

At the top is the best present ever - Noted Fashion Photographer (TM) and Generally Quite Easy On The Eye Nigel Barker! And Paulina Poritzkova with bad make up!

Celia/Michelle Off Of Season 4 gets the keys to the house and her choice of bed. The hosue is lovely and as always is decorated with the prerequisite photos of HHPOF! and the past winners, as well as having it's own catwalk which will be criminally underused.

Sandra is clearly angling for the bitch role of this series. Which isn't doing her any favours. Except she can count and has discovered there's only 12 beds but 13 girls. Quelle horreur et surprise. You know what that means - Who. Will. Be. Eliminated. To-NIGHT-AH?

So Isabella is our resident living with illness (in this case epilepsy) girl. And now we're all sharing issues. Blah. Get back to fighting bitches.

London, she ain't dim - you know something's going to happen when you see Mr and Miz J?! No way!

So up they go for their first runway. And there's strobe lighting. Do you know what that means for Poor Isabella?! She might DIE! Or y'know, just have a fit or actually be just fine with it. What it means for the rest of us we have to endure some really awful walking.

Tahlia wasn't happy with being covered up and stomped up and down like a donkey.

Sandra only got halfway down, did a crazy weird leg kick back and wandered off again, leaving the judges all kinds of surprised.

The rest were just meh. I'm going to say it again, if you're going to try out for ANTM, for the love of fierce, practice your walking!!!!

MR JAY LOOKS FREAKING AWESOME in his weird lil superhero outfit! If all workout outfits were like his, I would consider actual exercise.

Anyway, the theme of the shoot is good girls retaining their innocence in a world where girls grow up too fast or some such Worthy Cause Close To Tyra's Heart. Christian Marc and Sutan are back in hair and makeup - love them two. Their eye rolling is beyond compare

There's no one outstanding during the shoot but then no one who seems totally awful either.

As an aside, thank goodness they got rid of that awful scrolling Tyra Mail nonsense.

Judging! (A brief rundown)

Rules to own your inner fierceness? AMAZING

Celia gets a snap for her weird ass top thing.

London looks fab in her photo.

Paulina's hair is MASSIVE

Jessica has a wonky eye.

Allison looks cute - she's like a doll.

Natalie proved why those stupid hairbands should be banned (ahaha!)

Nigel again proves the voice of reason and reins in TyTy's crusade for Tahlia - her photo was only ok.

And best photo of the week is.... Allison! Yay! Love her!

Bottom two - Isabella and Sandra..... ain't so cocky now are you bee-yatch? HHPOF! tries to crank up some tension but it's fairly obvious that....

.... Isabella goes home. She was too nice and unnoticable.

Next week..... MAKE OVER DRAMZ!!!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Fugly Shoe Of The Day: Silly by Carvela

Well, at least they got the name right.....

I'm not entirely sure why Carvela thought this would be a good idea. Who on earth would think "Ooh let's take a non-descript man shoe boot and put a heel on it for the ladies!" and then have the cheek to charge £120 for it?!?!

Heathens, that's who.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Shoe Of The Day

Well again, it's a boot rather than a shoe but when I saw these in Office yesterday, my heart soared and my hand reached for my purse.

Until I saw the £110 price tag. Then I sighed and almost cried. So why are they awesome? Well for a start, black leather and studs are nothing if not, for me, an eternal staple. And they look a bit piratey and everyone knows pirates are awesome. The fact that they're flat and can be dressed as sexy or as casual as you please also helps.

Hm, maybe that £110 could be justified after all (though as always, all donations are gratefully received!)

Catraz leather boot, £110 at Office

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Shoe Of The Day (And NES' Latest Purchase!)

My only problem with Red Herring shoes is that there's so many that I like and they're so affordable, that I am always in severe danger of buying them all. Which is why I wasted The Hairy Drummer's lunch hour the other day making him help me decide which one pair to buy.

In hindsight, these were a complete no brainer for me. Red? Check. M-J strap? Check. Bow in contrasting fabric? Check. Cute polka dot interior? Check. Almost all the things I love in one shoe? Check. Less than £30? Check.

I also like that they're cute enough to be casual but not so cute that you couldn't wear them for work.

Red suede bow court shoe, £25 by Red Herring at Debenhams

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Embracing My Eternal Inner Angela Chase

It is no secret that My So-Called Life was the best TV program ever. It is also no secret that when I was 14, Angela Chase was my, and most of my friends, ultimate hero. A lot of us went through the ritual of dying our hair pillar box red (a habit I haven't quite got out of sometimes), finding our own Jordan Catalano's to mooch over and of course matching our wardrobes to a hybrid of those of Angela and Rayanne.

So obviously, I felt very old when I wandered into H&M the other day and realised that almost everything in there would've been something I'd have bought at that crucial time in my life. Then I had a crisis. These are clothes that I would still buy and yes, while I wouldn't go for the whole look now, would I look like I was tragically trying to recapture my youth?

The key now is to make it a bit more grown up but to never lose the essence of what it was to be a gawky, awkward teenager. Because let's face it, how many of us have any more of a clue now than then?

Shoe Of The Day

Ted Baker isn't a place I'd normally associate with wantable shoes but they have drawn me in a bit with these Hania heels.

They're a fairly standard shape but the beauty comes from the rolled bow at the back and the rounded point. I prefer them in the pink/purple combo but they do come in black too which I guess is a little more versatile.

Ted Baker Hania courts, £90 at ASOS

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

America's Next Top Model Season 12: Vegas Baby!

Vegas! Faux centurions! Mr Jay! Miz J! Squeeeeeeeee!

That's right bitches, the most gloriously demented of all the Top Models, the original and best is back. The anticipation of seeing how big Her High Priestess Of Fiiieeeerrrcccee! Miz Tyra's hair is is almost too much.

The premise for this opening menagerie is Greek Goddesses. Not content that the Ancient Greeks didn't have a Goddess of Fierce, HHPOF! has taken it upon herself to anoint herself as said Goddess of Fierce. See? Dementedly brilliant.

There's a lot of squealing and shrieking and crying as Mr Jay and Miz J try to tell the girls what they have to do. I love that they still look bemused at all the squeals.

Having shoved all the girls into skimpy faux goddess dresses, it's time for photos in profile which is slightly different to the usual I guess but unfortunately not really flattering to most of them.

Having gone through that with Mr Jay, it's on to walking with Miz J. Dry ice, catwalk. Brilliant. EXCEPT WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HAVE NONE OF THEM PRACTISED WALKING?!?!?!? The rage at this simple omission makes me go all Kanye and I don't really like being that angry. I worry I might get an ulcer.

But no matter. It's time for the unveiling of HHPOF! And by goodness is she bringing the awesome. Gaze in AWE at how BIG her hair is!

There's more squealing and crying before they have to pull it together and go in to the interview.

The highlights being....

Celia is like Michelle from Season 4's sister!

London claims to be a street preacher but Mr Jay sees through her wacky act of crazy.

Tahlia has an amazing face and almost makes HHPOF! cry with her story of her burns. Well played to be there in her bikini but you can see Mr Jay mentally calculating the cost of retouching and make up.

Aminat is fierce. But this means she'll either go far or fade early.

So Angelea has a dead child, crazy ass nails and crazy ass fake hair. And slept in the freaking Port Authority for the call back??! That's a lot of back story right there which may just swing it for her or result in her coming back in a future season.

Allison has a very modelly face but she's a wee bit crazy what with her love for blood. Actually, she's probably not crazy but is trying hard to be kooky to make up for a lack of personality.

Which was the mistake Kathryn made with her pen collection. Which consisted of five pens. To be fair to her, while she struggled with naming working models, she knew her designers which seemed to make up a little bit for the pen insanity.

That's another thing that makes me go all Kanye - LEARN YOUR COMPETITION AND WHO YOU MIGHT BE WORKING FOR!!! It's not hard.

You have to give the producers credit for not letting little things like a lack of goddesses of stuff get in the way of a good photoshoot premise. Each of the girls had to embody the spirit of one of these goddesses with the usual mix of good and blah.

Meanwhile though, just off set, Angelea and Sandra were escalating their face off which culminated in the Best Insult Ever.

"Yeah well, you got ugly ass corns."

Pure poetry. But seriously, fighting on set does you no favours.

So. We get the final 13 and my personal top 3 are:

Allison - yes she may be pretending to be kooky but there's something very fabulous about her face.

Fo - very pretty and I love the freckles.

Aminat - Sassy, slinky, fierce.

Next week we have moving in dramas, first photoshoot dramas and more squealing.

Shoe Of The Day

It's been too long since I've indulged in some Louboutin Love. Alors, behold these lovely almost shoe boots.The 1920s styling could give the impression of being a bit unworkable but I reckon they could be worn with a multitude of outfits - trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses.

Which is a good job really as they do cost £620 so you'd want to get your money's worth really.

Christian Louboutin Esoteri 120, £620 at Net A Porter

Monday, 14 September 2009


Oh it's on bitches! America's Next Top Model is back tonight and as always, I'll be bringing you my thoughts and observations. From my mum's house...

ANTM will be returning here to Never Enough Shoes as Watch With Lel And Sel is on hiatus until I move back into a house with a gazillion channels and Lel finds some spare time in between learning medical stuff.

Be sure to let me know what you think during the show on Twitter (@NeverEnoughShoe)!

You stay FIERCE readers!

NES x x x

Friday, 14 August 2009

Shoe Of The Day

I know it's maybe a bit early to start thinking about Christmas parties but if you started saving now then by the time December rolls round, you could have these fabulous Miu Miu glittery darlings adorning your feet and making you the belle of the ball.

With a 5-inch heel and 1-inch platform, peeptoe and velvet bow, they tick every box of fabulous you could think of.

So, start collecting those pennies to the sum of £320 and then go buy!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Shoe Of The Day

As summer seems to have given up on us, it's time to start looking forward to all those yummy winter boots. Let's face it, winter boots and shoes are sexier than summer sandals.

Like these Fendi ones. Military styling is always a popular A/W trend but the muted grey suede and black patent toe cap also hint at a touch of Victoriana, which is again also popular.

At £694.99, they're definitely an investment buy but I'll be looking out for the inevitable high street alternatives to share with you!

Fendi Multi-strap boot, £694.99 at Net A Porter

Thursday, 23 July 2009

And Now, Back To The Shoes...

You may have noticed there's been a bit of a hiatus here. Well that's because my house burnt down.

Dramatic excuse non? You can read all the sizzling details here - which is where I shall also be documenting all the ridiculous things that prevent me from doing useful things like writing about shoes and pretty things.

Normal shoe (and fashion) service will be resumed with fervour from next Wednesday when my laptop has finished rising from the ashes. In the meantime, I suggest that you check out the sales, grab yourself a bargain then show me your pretty purchases.

As always, I'm hovering on Twitter so come say hi!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Looks Familiar: Stuart Weitzman Purple Bow Peeptoe

So Megan Fox caused quite an unsurprising stir at the Japan premiere of Transformers 2 dressed in slinky purple and with matching shoes.

Shoes by Stuart Weitzman that look an awful lot like today's Shoe Of The Day from Miss Selfridge. Miz Fox's shoes though are suede and the bow has different shades of purple in and look equally as lovely and, were my bank manager to allow it, different enough to justify purchasing as well as it's cheaper counterpart.

If you want them, they're $365 at Zappos

Shoe Of The Day

When I walked past Miss Selfridge the other day and saw these, The Hairy Drummer had to drag me away before I rushed in, tried them on, fell more in love then cried when I realised I couldn't afford them.

But then I found out they were only £35 and that that makes them very affordable indeed. Especially as they look a lot more expensive.

The solid heel, peeptoe and oversized bow as well as the luscious purple all contrive to a huge amount of win. You can buy them instore or online here.

Monday, 8 June 2009

FINALLY! Something By Kate Moss For Topshop That I Actually Like!

Even though I still wouldn't fork out £90 (yes, really. £90.) for it, I do love this maxi dress from the new Kate Moss collection at Topshop.

I saw it in store the other day and was immediately drawn to it, cooed, found out what it was then looked at the price and wanted to cry a little bit. It's double layered which means it felt quite heavy and although there's a lot of fabric in there, it's only polyester which makes the price tag all the more galling. I'd expect it for cotton, not polyester.

I doubt I'm tall enough for it as well but still, for all the drawbacks, I can finally say she and her team have come up with something I like.

Shoe Of The Day

The sun is struggling to make an appearance today but that doesn't mean that summery shoes are forgotten.

This floral canvas MJs from Topshop are the perfect in-betweeny shoe. Pretty and summery but also practical in that your toes won't get cold through ill advised exposure. And for only £22, they'll go nicely with jeans or dresses and skirts which makes them Cost Per Wear Fantastic!

VIVA2 floral print canvas shoe, £22 at Topshop

Friday, 29 May 2009

Shoe Of The Day

Wow. I'm not sure that glam gets as close to tacky as these Swarovski encrusted Miu Miu platforms do but dammit! the teeny part of me that's total Dynasty loves them!

Net A Porter describe them as Studio 54 chic and to be fair, if they didn't have the crystals, they would make an excellent pair of disco dancing shoes.

Actually can you disco dance on a yacht? If you can, then they'd be perfect as they are.

But only if you have £357 to splash.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Shoe Of The Day

I promised you glitz and glamour and these jewelled lovelies from Giuseppe Zanotti certainly deliver.

For saying they are all bling, they look surprisingly restrained and I could actually imagine wearing them. Following a spray tan and wearing a slit to the thigh Versace gown of course.

For the rather pricey sum of $1045 from Neiman Marcus, you'd definitely need your own wealth or that of a millionaire yacht owner to have them!

It's Glittery Fabulous Shoe Week!

Seeing as how I've been away busy Doing Other Things (namely getting myself some classroom experience before I start my teacher training eek!), I've decided that you need to see the most ridiculously over the top glamorously glitteringly FABULOUS shoes I can find to make up for the lack of posting action.

It's partly inspired by the Bank Holiday weekend which featured the finale of the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix which generally conjure up images of perma-tanned, perma-highlighted Euro ladies swanning around on ridiculously large yachts with their very much older luurrrrvers who would feature in Hello! in their "sumptuous" villas which contained lots of cream and gold upholstery.

Ahem. You get the picture...!

Monday, 11 May 2009

NES Has Been Neglecting You. She's Sorry.

Goddamn you Real Life! Interfering with me seeking out the prettiest and fugliest of shoes to share with all these lovely readers!

Yes, unfortunately Real Life has reared the uglier side of its head and demanded most of my time and attention for the past couple of weeks which is why I've been a bit quiet here and over at Watch With Lel And Sel. Rest assured though that you're not forgotten and that the posts are racking up - they just need the time and effort of editing to go into them which should hopefully start happening this week.

Next week I'm off to do something quite exciting and totally different from anything I've done before which I'll tell you all about nearer the time.

In the meantime, you stay gorgeous!

NES xxx

Friday, 1 May 2009

Shoe Of The Day

Props to the lovely Abi at Shoewawa for spotting these 'OMG I've just instantly fallen in love' polka dot peeptoe lovelies from Dune.

So how are they win? Let me count the ways...

1. They're red. It is actual factual that red shoes are made of win and awesome.

2. They have polka dots. Polka dots are the ultimate pattern.

3. They have a bow.

4. The plain piping edge breaks it up a bit and adds a nice contrast.

5. It has a matching bag.

6. They are pin-up girl fantastic.

So, in conclusion, if anyone would like to buy me a pair, they're £85 from Dune.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pre-Pay Day Treat: ASOS Heart Bracelet

I don't know about you but I am a couple of days away from pay day and, well, my bank account is showing the strain. But that's not to say we don't deserve treats!

Looking all summery and boho - the summer look you will never escape from in some form or another - this heart bracelet from ASOS is a perfect pre-pay day treat. At only £5, it'll inject a bit of texture and colour to your outfit and make you smile!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Don't Forget Top Model Has A New Home!

Don't forget that all things Top Model (pick a country of your choosing!) is now over at Watch With Lel And Sel.

The fabulous Miz Lesley and I will be blogging our little hearts out for your edification along with a whole host of other programs that you may or may not admit to watching. Don't worry, it can be our secret!

If you haven't already done so, follow us on Twitter! And don't forget to tell your friends!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Shoe Of The Day: Sales Wishlist!

This is your first of two Shoes Of The Day today so why not start with the bargain!

It's safe to say that I *heart* these Hulia wedges from Faith in a major way. They're smart enough to be worn to work or to dinner but also casual enough to be worn with denim cutoffs or some capri pants.

I love the step in the wedge as well. It adds a bit of texture and interest in a subtle way.

And the best bit? The price, £32 down from £95! Love it!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Shoe Of The Day

The Outnet is going to be the ruin of me! Behold these summery offerings from Olivia Morris. The satin print is by Celia Birtwell and just screams to be worn with a white circle skirt and pink or green top for some ultra cute 50s gorgeousness.

And the best bit? The price. £137.02 (I love the random 2p!) down from £342.55. They're still pricey but perhaps affordable as a pay day treat?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sales Round-up

As we shift from winter to spring, the stores seem to be in a never ending cycle of sales. The Spring sales are actually a great time to pick up pieces that will see you through summer and into Autumn/Winter again so don't automatically think about grabbing the cheapest stuff you can find.

We already know Office have a sale on - think about picking up something that'll go with everything and last for more than one season. These Polyantha heels would be the ideal choice and at £30 instead of £60, a good basic buy.

In terms of clothes, we're told time and time again to pick up good quality basics that'll stay the distance. Isabella Oliver have recently launched a non maternity range called 365 and will be having an exclusive online sale from Thursday 23rd April until Monday 4th May. They have some really pretty and useful basics that, yes, are a bit more pricey than regular high street but will last. So in cost per wear terms, they work out very well indeed. My favourite is this maxi dress. It's made from jersey and is multiway making it incredibly versatile.

In slightly more affordable places, Dorothy Perkins are offering 20% off EVERYTHING for 3 days. I'll certainly be snapping up some boring ol' work clothes along with some of their super cute dresses.

ASOS and Oli also have fab sales on at the moment, with ASOS bandying around the magic 75% off. Back to the High Street and Oasis have a good sale going on as well.

There'll be more to come in the next few weeks as stores try to shift dead stock to make way for new summery temptaions so keep an eye out!

There's A New Home For Top Model Reviews!

And a whole heap of other fantastic stuff as well!

I've teamed up with The Fabulous Miz Lesley Moore to create Watch With Lel And Sel - a new home for all things Top Model and anything else vaguely trashy and fabulous!

We know you watch some trashtastic programmes and it's ok - we do too! Please stop by and say hello! You can follow us on Twitter as well!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Shoe Of The Day

Apparently Barratts are going to be opening a branch here in the homestead soon so I thought I'd better acquaint myself with what they have to offer.

I was rather taken with these Guppy Love ballerinas. I like the big bow detail and the big stitching which adds an edge to the girlyness of the bow. As for the colour, I think pewter works best with a 'jeans and top' combo which at the moment is my default 'Out For Cocktails' outfit.

They can be yours for a reasonable £30 and come in black and purple as well.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

NES *hearts*... The Outnet

Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness.

So you know how Net-A-Porter is one of the prettiest sites to while away an hour or so, gazing in adoration upon items of pretty that one could never afford unless they didn't pay their rent/mortgage for 3 months? Well they've only gone and made a discount site.

And when I say discount, I mean discount. Up to 80% off a whole host of designer goodies anyone?

The Outnet features all the designers you'd find on Net-A-Porter and will feature special one off sales and all sorts of other exciting things, including a very fabulous 'Dress Me' section where they've done the outfit hunting for all manner of occasions for you.

Obviously, given the discounts involved, things do sell out very quickly. I've already been disappointed twice today but this is very definitely one to watch!

Shoe Of The Day: Sales Wishlist!

Office have a sale on at the moment. I know this because they seem to email me everyday showing me pretty new things that are just within my affordability range.

Pretty things such as these 'Down The Hatch' platforms. In a lushly dark red suede and a chunky, walkable heel, they channel a sort of retro vibe which could go from the 50s through to the 80s. Which is muy versatile dontcha think?

Down from £60 to £30, I think that's a bargain worth having.

Monday, 13 April 2009

America's Next Top Model: Season 11 Episode 13 - It's The Final Countdown!..

Drum roll please.... it's the FINAL!

So following last week's welcome and slightly overdue departure of Marjorie, we were down to Mckey, Samantha and Analeigh.

The action started off with the shooting of the Cover Girl commercial. Where they had to deliver a line in Dutch. Obviously. Quite why they also have to do this one from memorised lines isn't clear. I'm pretty sure that's not how it works in Actual Real Life.

Samantha floundered a bit and looked quite uncomfortable which was surprising given that she was considered to be the most commercial out of the three.

I'm not sure what happened to Mckey's make up - it seemed too... brown? but seriously, her hair was a disaster. It highlighted her ears which are... masculine to say the least. Sometimes I don't understand how HHPOF! Miz Tyra's mind works when it comes to the makeovers but then that's all part of the charm!

Analeigh blanked out but looked the most Cover Girl like. Bad ads don't necessarily mean you don't win though especially as she pulled it out of the bag when she was directed.

When it came to the print ad, Tim De Jonker wasn't keen on Samantha and Analeigh but loved Mckey. Her face was good but the hair! my goodness, the hair...

First judging. The edited ad was alright and featured more of Analeigh and Mckey than Samantha. Was this a sign of who was going to finish third?

The judges were disappointed with Analeigh's performance, citing her first advert shoot - which was teleprompted - was great while this was meh. And then they didn't like her still shot which was a bit surprising to me as I thought it was pretty much spot on.

They were falling over themselves to heap praise on Mckey though. Then Miz J. hit the nail on the head comparing her to Lurch. It all makes sense now!

Despite the unfortunate resemblance, Lurch was the first name called.

I was continually distracted by HHPOF! Miz Tyra's hair. It was big and curly and did I mention it was big? I can only think she did it to make her face look thinner.

Tension, tension, tension then OMG!!! Samantha?!?!? REALLY?!?!?! Ahead of Analeigh?!?!?! I was not expecting that.

On to the Seventeen cover shoot then. Ann Shoket from Seventeen was diplomatically impressed with both of them, though this time I thought Samantha seemed most appropriate.

Then runway time. Mr Jay unveiled his pink hilly masterpiece. The girls looked scared and started to feel the nerves. Miz Tyra saw them backstage for some words of encouragement, wearing it has to be said a beautiful black and white dress. Then actual walking!

Miz J started it off to show how it should be done then Whitney came out. How she won last season is a mystery to me. She was all uber pouty and clunky walking.

Mckey is out first and seems ok-ish but is a bit stoopy and Lurch like. Samantha is a bit clunky and too slow backstage which is not a good thing. Time is money people!

Samantha also made the mistake of allowing her nerves to rule her face while Mckey followed Whitney's lead and uber pouted.

Then onto the final, final judging to find out Who. Will. Be. America's. Next. Top. Model.

HHPOF! Miz Tyra looked finger waggingly FIEEEEERRRRRRCCEEEEE!!!! It's like she was channelling Grace Jones with her shoulder pads and her poker straight hair.

Nigel pulled Mckey up on her clunkiness in walking while Miz Tyra noticed Samantha's nervousness via the interpretive medium of her down turned mouth. Also possibly because she did look like she might cry from actual nerves.

Then actual judging. They were fairly even in their praise for both of them but were slightly more in favour of Mckey which must mean that the winner of ANTM must be.....


And she was disappointingly tame about her celebration. Where was the crying and the screeching?

So as Mckey disappears into the annals of ANTM history, we move our sights closer to home and the start of Britain's Next Top Model. I don't think the right person has won any of them so we'll have to see what unfolds. What I can tell you is that there'll be a new home for the reviews so watch this space to find out where!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

NES Is A Domestic Slut!


I'm super excited about joining the fabulous ladies of Domestic Sluttery from next week!

Go and see what pretty things they've cooed over so far and mix up some of the fab cocktail recipes!

And as for the shoes? Well, having had a bit of a nightmare with the tech last week, normal shoe lusting will be resumed from next week as well.

In the meantime, you can say hello to me on Twitter or drop me an email at

Enjoy your weekend!

NES x x x

Monday, 6 April 2009

America's Next Top Model: Season 11 Episode 12 - Fantastic Four? Not So Much...

Oh for goodness sake Marjorie. STFU. I'm so over you right now. Having survived the bottom two again, Marjorie is now infused with some sort of joie de vivre which has sent her into paroxysms of smiling like a demented pixie. Naturally it's unnerving everyone else too.

Paulina was up for the first teach involving selling With Your Eyes. Or rather without speaking. None of them were awful but none of them were outstanding. But then it seemed to involve smelling dead fish and hugging loo rolls....

The task was to audition for a commercial involving jogging and cute guys and taxis. And no speaking. And Mark Vanderloo. To win $10,000 at G-Star. I'm not quite sure I could spend $10,000 at G-Star - a girl can only wear so many jeans surely...?

But seriously, flirting while running on a treadmill? Flirting while running full stop?! What kind of madness is this?! And there's no actual cab for Mark Vanderloo to be safely locked in. Remember the girls have been starved of male hotness for WEEKS - apart from gazing at Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker from a safe (for him) distance.

Mckey got the flirting and running down very well indeed. But then she's a cage fighter so she does running like all the time. Or something.

Analeigh was very elegantly cute. Samantha was typical All American Gal. Marjorie? Oh Marjorie. She was all cutesy nervousness, including random giggling, which managed to win her the task to the surprise of many no doubt.

Back to the house and Marjorie likes her new found flirting confidence and calls the boys who ferried them around to the go sees. Hurrah! Boys! Drinking! Except Marjorie's the only one who drinks! What's that about?! And now Marjorie is in the bath with Bernard! And she still has her clothes on! And no one quite understands what's going on! What happened to like in earlier seasons when everyone got drunk??? That was far more entertaining.

On to the shoot which was in front of a WINDMILL and they had to wear CLOGS because, y'know, they're in AMSTERDAM. Sheesh, cliches have never been so stylised.

Mr Jay thought Marjorie was drunk. She may well have been - she was packing those shots away the night before. She pulled some good photos though even if they were all a bit samey and dull.

Samantha totally fell flat this week and had to have some extra coaching from Mr Jay which he Does Not Like To Do. She complained about the clogs hurting and how she wasn't in the zone and yeah, whatever.

Analeigh did her usual jumping around and Mckey climbed up the windmill a bit. Mr Jay was loving it.

Mckey's photo was universally loved. Marjorie's was ok but a bit meh. Samantha was meh and HHPOF! Miz Tyra went on about her downturned top lip. Umhm. Analeigh was fab as ever.

Best picture this week was Analeigh unsurprisingly. Then Mckey leaving Marjorie and Samantha in the bottom two.

HHPOF! Miz Tyra waffled on for a while about Marjorie being all composed and showing no personality and then sent her home. Apparently all her personality was tied up in the fact she was a nervous wreck ALL THE TIME. Who knew she even had a personality?

Anyoldhoo, it's the FINAL next week!! Walking on ridiculous catwalks! More running! Tears! Dramas!

Who. Will. BE [I love that ridiculous emphasis here]. America's. Next. Top. Model?

Going from the quick shots of the Cover Girl ads, my money's on Analeigh or Mckey....

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

America's Next top Model: Season 11 Episode 10/11: Go See Means Just Bloomin' Well Get There!

The following is basically my thought stream whilst watching ANTM. I've taken out the references to cookies, marshmallows and other foodstuffs. Though they might've made it more interesting....

Analeigh had the best pic from last week's first episode in Amsterdam which was all a bit piratey and surprisingly lovely. For the judging though, McKey was dressed up like Xena Model Princess which was disturbing yet amazing. I had interwebz trouble so lost all my notes on the rest of it. Suffice to say there was much being lost in a new city and Hoochy Queen Sheena got sent home instead of Ice Queen Elina.

So today is 'Go See' time which is always good for some dramz and hilarity. Marjorie is freaked out by the mere thought of finding her way to a go see so you just know she's going to be monumentally annoying and nervously tickish.

Marlies Dekkers is fab and thought Samantha was too commercial. Which she is.

Hans Ubbink loved Analeigh who seems to be acting the most professional.

Elina made the fatal error for Mart Vikker of sweating from running ("Models NEVER sweat darling") and having tattoos for Marlies Dekker.

Marjorie, having got lost, ignored and flustered bordering on tears, gave up and went back on time but had only seen 2 designers. Mckey was late and disqualified from the challenge despite being the favourite of the designers. Though the judges weren't there when she sneaked in so how did they know....

Analeigh rightly won the challenge and won clothes from all the designers to the obvious shock of Elina - bitch thought she had it in the bag.

Ooh it's HHPOF! As Serious Photographer time! with her traditonal plain and made up faces nicked from an idea for a shoot she was in years ago.

Marjorie, SHUT UP FFS! I'm SO OVER your ridiculous whining and broken doll posing!

Analeigh seemed to get it perfectly. I like her. She's pretty but quirky, seemingly very lovely and polite and well, just nice. Sometimes I like nice people.

Elina's nails were criticised for being too long. And again she was way too controlled. She kept making the classic mistake of snapping into what she thinks is a pose the moment the shutter goes.

Mckey seemed to do better on the plain shoot. I am undecided over her and still hate her hair.

Samantha though rocked the plain shoot and was deservedly pic of the week.

Then it was down to Elina and Marjorie somewhat predictably. Elina was criticised for being cold and Marjorie was criticised for being a hyper bag o'nerves.

Somewhat unpredictably Marjorie was picked to stay ahead of Elina. Bitch best stop crying before next week....

Monday, 30 March 2009

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cheap Clothes? Oh Go On Then!

A girl can never have too many tees. This is an undeniable fact and thankfully, the rather fabulous Threadless have a sale on at the moment.

Even though the dollar to sterling exchange rate has diminished to almost nothing, prices from $5 is still pretty damned cheap for a cute'n'clever bit of clothing.

Hotfoot it though kittens, the sale's only on until Monday 30th March.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wardobe Envy: Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf's Bag

While the whole outfit pick for Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester filming in New York yesterday) screams Spring Perfection, I was particularly taken with the bag. The colours and the tiered pockets are classic but modern.

It's by Stuart Weitzman and if you have $750 spare then you can get your very own at Bloomingdales and other stockists too no doubt.

Is Your Body Too Bumpalicious?

Isn't it always the way? You really need/want something and you can never find what you need/want then suddenly, when the need/want has passed, you can't move for the stuff?

This is the situation with me and maternity clothes. About 5 years ago I was busy growing The Daughter and was desperate for some stylish but crucially not expensive maternity clothes to cover the bump. I began to see why the late 90s trend for celebs baring their pregnant bellies was not a case of extra publicity, it was simply that there was no decent maternity clothing around.

Companies like Blooming Marvellous and Isabella Oliver could supply the Yummy Mummy set no problem but what about Rock'n'roll Mummies like me?! Apparently we didn't exist.

Then Topshop became a clothing saviour again. They started doing a very small maternity range - jeans and tees - which was perfect.

But only in their Oxford Street branch. No matter, I needed jeans so I went and got them and they were absolutely perfect.

But aside from that and a couple of things from H&M, I had to be content with larger sized clothes. Luckily I was one of those freaky pregnant women who lost weight apart from the bump so I could still fit into size 16 clothes.

Fast forward 5 years and suddenly EVERYONE has a maternity range. I suspect that the increase in celebrity babies has played it's part but now you can choose from the stalwarts at H&M and Topshop through to Dorothy Perkins and Peacocks as well as countless internet stores meaning that you can find something affordable no matter what your fashion taste or budget. And don't forget eBay in all of this - bear in mind you'll only be getting 5-6 months wear out of this stuff!

The most important part of maternity clothing though is your bra. It's essential to get measured regularly and to get well fitting, supportive bras. Your breasts will thank you! Personally, I found Elle MacPherson's maternity range to be the most comfortable and, crucially, good looking. Figleaves have a fantastic range though so search and try out to find the one that's right for you.

I'd love to hear your comments on this and any unearthed tips or recommendations for fabulous bump covers!

Monday, 16 March 2009

America's Next Top Model: Season 11 Episode 8 - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Cover Girl!

Surely it's too early in the season for a catch-up episode? Apparently not as I settled down to two hours of ANTM madness (though admittedly not as mad as the stampede and general dumbassness at the Season 13: Revenge Of The Shorties auditions...). So we get arguments and rap offs and talcum powder fights. Obviously.

But OMG! Sweet Lil Hannah asked the magic question we all want the answer to - how do you smile with your eyes?!!?!? Tyra ably demonstrated not smiling with your eyes and, er, smiling WITH your eyes. Apparently it looks a bit like squinting in the sun....

Anyhoo, after the out takes, back to the current action and Elina and Marjorie are bonding over a common Europeanality while everyone else is flying the flag for the Great American Way.

Luckily the Aswirl Twins are on hand to introduce some swirly whirly awesome along with James St James which all results in some invisible modelling for Pedro Zillia meaning that it's All About The Clothes. There seemed that there should have been some hilarity to come from everyone being dressed as Kermit. Until Elina started to have a panic attack. Which a bit of dancing sorted out. Obviously. I always quell any sense of panic or dread with a quick boogie....

Apparently no one got the idea of showing the clothes off - Joslyn looked like an invisible stripper, Shoochna twirled too much, Marjorie let her dress fall down - except for Elina who won the photoshoot for Seventeen. She picked Marjorie and Analeigh to join her who all produced some very cute, Seventeen appropriate shots.

Shoochna, Marjorie and Elina came to blows again on over being ethnic and American and not American and ohmygiddyaunt, isn't everyone in America an immigrant anyway?!

Cover Girl ad time. S10 winner Whitney showed up to lend some support and er.... not a lot else.

Samantha was her usual All American Girl Next Door. I don't like her though - she's a wee bit bitchy in a not good way for me.

Mckey didn't realise where she was supposed to walk and seemed a bit lost. And I don't understand what was happening with her hair. It looked like Monica's hair on that One From Friends When Phoebe Cuts Monica's Hair And Confused Demi Moore With Dudley Moore (I believe that was the actual episode title...)

Analeigh was great! Cute and engaging and actually seemed to understand what adverts are about i.e. showing the product.

Joslyn decided to throw up everywhere.... then overdid her shoots in a bid to overcompensate.

Marjorie started crying.... then did some weird chicken neck thing.

Sheena brought it and managed to turn off the hooch for once which managed to surprise everyone involved.


A test on who can walk in clogs which was this week's tenuous link to this season's trip abroad to Amsterdam.

Analeigh rightly won accolade of Best Commercial In ANTM History. Which led to HHPOF! draping herself over The Hotness that is Nigel Barker. Can't blame her but he looks scared every time she gets close.

It got to the last two being Elina and Joslyn and after some mini dramz where it seemed Elina was going to be sent home for being cold, Joslyn got sent home because she had diminished in the face of competition and ANTM is no home for sympathy votes apparently.

So, off to Amsterdam from next week which should be interesting. if only for the range of disturbing attempts at a Dutch accent from HHPOF!

Although I have found out who won this season, I'm very intrigued to find out how as currently I would not expect it. Maybe a trip to Europe brings something out in them?

Shoe Of The Day

If there's one thing that is awesome about the British summer, then surely it has to be festivals. I'm hopefully off to Latitude again this year and I'm very tempted to grab these Hunter wellies to see my through any potential mud!

Currently half price on the ASOS Outlet site, Hunter are of course the wellington of choice for any stylish festival goer and I'm not sure it gets much more stylish than red and black.

Hunter Festival Boots, £37.50 at ASOS Outlet

Shoe Of The Day

I don't know about you but where I am, the sun is shining so convincingly that I'm almost persuaded that it's summer. Obviously it's still a bit too cold and indeed too early in the year to be actual summer but that doesn't stop us from looking at summery clothes and shoes!

Such as these understated but glam offerings from Faith. They have a slightly Grecian look to them which results in a more girlified take on the gladiator sandal. They also come in a gold colour but I think this pewter one would be a touch more versatile which is always a good thing.

Jonis, £25 at Faith