Monday, 1 December 2008

Was I So Out Of Fashion That I'm Back In Again?!

I have NEVER liked the skinny jeans trend. It looks good on no one except girls (and I mean girls, not women) who's skinniness could cause some concern and even then it's not quite right. Don't even get me started on men in skinny jeans.

The sheep mentality of the sadly vast majority of the public meant that unfortunately they became all pervasive - from size 6 to 16, the notion of dressing to flatter your shape flying out of the window and muffin tops apparently de rigeur. Me? I carried on wearing my super comfy baggy jeans, briefly tried by Marc Jacobs in 2006 as the 'Boyfriend' jean. Sure, I have 'smart' jeans - simple straight leg dark denim, straight NOT skinny, surprisingly from Mum store du jour M&S (at £12, I wasn't going to complain when they were the most flattering pair I could find!).

But now? Now apparently Katie Holmes, Stepford Wife Spectacular, has ushered in a new trend... the 'Boyfriend' jean.

Seriously? Katie Holmes? In her rolled up jeans? If you believe this article by Laura Cochrane in The Guardian then yes, yes this is true. Never has an article infuriated me so much. I'm not sure why. I think it's the patronising way we're being told to wear our jeans and how apparently we're incapable of working out for ourselves what we should and shouldn't wear unless a celebrity or Shoreditch (I lived there. It's nowhere near as cool and edgy and forward as it thinks it is.) does it first.

Well I'll just wait for the bandwagon to roll round and for everyone to hop on. It'll make it a bit easier for me to stock up on what has always been my look. I don't need bloody Katie Holmes or Victoria Beckham to tell me that.