Tuesday, 7 October 2008

When The Fashion Press Shows Its Fugly Side

The lovely Gemma at Catwalk Queen has written a great post on the ridiculousness of The Sunday Times Style magazine berating Tavi aka Style Rookie for being a young fashion blogger.

Now normally Style is ridiculously tongue in cheek and playful but this does just smack of jealousy. Why on earth pick on a 12 year old?! And why be factually inaccurate? She hasn't been reporting from the fashion shows, she's been simply stating what she has and hasn't liked in the shows. Which I'm sure you'll agree is a HUGE difference.

Regardless, Tavi has responded in a far more articulate and mature way than her senior detractors. Check what she has to say then check out her awesome sense of fashion fun and innate style.


Grace said...

Tavi intrigues me. I feel like for a 12 yr old she is wise beyond her years. I was like that at 12 (at times) but she is able to focus it all into her style and clothing.

Tavi said...

Thanks so much!
However, without being nitpicky, the post wasn't in response to any article in particular, especially not the NYT one. Thanks again!