Thursday, 23 October 2008

Nothing To Do With Shoes But Still Awesome.

Apologies for the absence and a return with a non shoe related post but you should watch this.

'The Archivist' is a short film written by an old friend from uni, David Whitehouse, as part of the BBC Electric Proms season.

You can find out more about the whole Electric proms malarkey here

Now, back to the shoes.....

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Whenever I see Brian Atwood's name, I always think of Ryan Atwood from the OC and get a bit confused then feel the need for an OC marathon accompanied by a cheese toastie or two and a massive mug of tea.

Actual Brian Atwood though designs beautiful shoes, none more so than these 'Rida' sandals. I love the colour and the step detailing on the heel. I think they'd look great adding a splash of colour to a LBD or peeping out from underneath a fabulous gown of a contrasting jewel colour.

'Rida' by brian Atwood, £385 at Net A Porter

Quel Louboutin à choisir?

*sigh* It's hard work y'know, looking at all these lovely shoes....

So the next pair of Louboutins up for purchasing consideration are these very shiny, and therefore awesome, Decollete paillette heels. Sequinned fabulousity means that these would be restricted to evening only (apart from those days when I throw caution to the wind!) but what an evening shoe!

Hmmm... decisions. decisions....

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

America's Next Top Model: Hair Cut-A-Rama-Drama

Episode 3 - The Makeover - home to tears, tantrums and weaves. Before we got to that though we had to endure some bizarre fighting between Fatima and Allison which included fat calling, anorexia and dolls. It was tedious. Allison fancies herself as being the winner seeing as she's the one with the most experience. Umhm. If you were that good, would you need to be on a competition show that doesn't necessarily translate to you being a high fashion model? Huh?

Anyway, after a tortuous reading of the new scrolling Tyra Mails (what is that about? I'm guessing it's to represent Times Square? Scroll it faster though dammit - they read it like 5 year olds), the high camp fun of makeovers occurred.

According to Mr and Miz Jay, HHPOF! Miz Tyra was being so secretive that even they didn't know what was going on. HHPOF! Miz Tyra slunk out and revealed that she wasn't going to tell ANYONE what was going to happen to them. It was all going to be a SURPRISE!!

Then came the moment of demented genius - with each girl, HHPOF! Miz Tyra popped up in the bottom of your screen in a cartoon TV to explain what was going to happen to them. The fact she felt the need to imitate them made it all the more surreally fabulous. Seriously, this woman knows no bounds when it comes to crazy fabulousity.

There was disappointingly nothing shocking, everyone was happy, even Fatima after she got through the pain of having a weave. I want - nay, DEMAND! - drama from makeover episodes. Sort it out please.

So on to the proper photoshoot, out on a boat so that NY-freaking-C could be the backdrop. And who was on the boat? Why, the very lovely Elle MacPherson and a collection of her pretty lingerie. I actually rather like Elle's Intimates and have purchased several sets and on the evidence of her appearance here, she seems a very lovely lady indeed.

With Mr Jay and Elle encouraging the girls on, there was some actual good modelling happening. Until Allison. Bless her heart. She'd been practising very hard indeed and it showed. Stiff, awkward and unable to take direction. That she then thought she'd done brilliantly probably should've set the alarm bells ringing.

Along came judging. Meh, meh, meh. Overall the pictures were good but the standout shots came from Lauren and Marvita, which the judges duly noted. There was some discomfort for Miz Jay and Nigel when Tyra made them feel her ass. The shock and slight disgust on both their faces was slyly kept in the edit.

In the end it came down to Dominique (who George Holz, the photographer, had thought was someone's soccer mom) and our favourite confident bitch Allison. Allison got the boot thanks to Dominique having been given the wrong hair colour and her inability to say Thank You which immediately riled Nigel. Don't rile Nigel, it disturbs his pretty and that's not good.

When The Fashion Press Shows Its Fugly Side

The lovely Gemma at Catwalk Queen has written a great post on the ridiculousness of The Sunday Times Style magazine berating Tavi aka Style Rookie for being a young fashion blogger.

Now normally Style is ridiculously tongue in cheek and playful but this does just smack of jealousy. Why on earth pick on a 12 year old?! And why be factually inaccurate? She hasn't been reporting from the fashion shows, she's been simply stating what she has and hasn't liked in the shows. Which I'm sure you'll agree is a HUGE difference.

Regardless, Tavi has responded in a far more articulate and mature way than her senior detractors. Check what she has to say then check out her awesome sense of fashion fun and innate style.

NES Has A Girl Crush On... Hadley Freeman

I love Hadley Freeman. She's witty, smart, fashionable, pretty - what's not to love?

As the Deputy Fashion Editor at The Guardian and Contributing Editor at Vogue, Hadley dispenses little pearls of wisdom on all sorts of subjects always in an amusing but sharp style.

Go, read her stuff, revel in them, grow your own crush on her.

Monday, 6 October 2008

NES *hearts*..... Her Latest Purchase!

The Hairy Drummer had said that he'd buy me a pair of shoes as part of my birthday present but at the time I couldn't find any I wanted. I then thought I'd put the money towards the Louboutin Fund.

But then I walked into Office and saw these. And tried them on. And promptly fell in love. They are simply the most divine shoes I've bought in a while. They are quite high but have a concealed platform and are actually quite comfy. I've done my usual insoling and padding to ensure that any pain is minimised. Be aware though that you may need to go up a size - I'm usually a UK 5 (EUR 38) but had to go up to a 6 (EUR 39).

Polish My Straps, £65 from Office

Friday, 3 October 2008

Shoe Of The Day

Little quiz for you - guess who made these pretties?

They have a nice take on the ubiquitous bow - a sort of undone, tucked in, I-made-a-bit-of-an-effort-to-tie-a-bow-but-I'll-be-late-for-cocktails kinda loop.

The heel is a good height and solid enough to feel stable while the platform means it won't feel quite so high. Throw in a peep toe and some autumnal dark red suede and these, dear reader, are shoes to covet then purchase.

So who made them? Usual purveyors of fug, Irregular Choice! £80 from Office