Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Shoe Of The Day

I've always been a little unsure about shoe boots or whatever you want to abridge them to. I think it's because I had a pair at school back in the mid-90s that had a big chunky heel and laces that always came undone. Then I remembered that I actually loved those shoes. They were my first pair of heels and flew in the face of the draconian uniform rules. I was a rebel with a cause - school uniforms need not be fugly!

Now I'm allegedly all growed up, I look for something a bit sexier in my heels of choice so I was a bit taken aback to find these on the Faith website and actually liking them. I think it's the shininess of the patent leather, the ribbon for laces and the downright dirty stiletto that does it.

Culine, £60 from Faith here or in a store near you as the ads would have it.


Idella said...

When the boot shoes first came back out I had the same feel until me and a girlfriend tryed them on and I've been hooked ever since