Friday, 19 September 2008

NES *hearts*..... Dita Von Teese's New Wonderbra Collection

I was *so* excited when I heard that Dita Von Teese was teaming up with Wonderbra to bring out a range of retro inspired lingerie goodies. I adore the look of retro lingerie and love the shape it gives. To my mind, there is nothing sexier than a curvy hourglass shape and there's something to be said for the 'scaffolding' as I call it that goes into creating such a shape. It makes your whole posture realign - you sit up straighter, walk taller and can't help but get a cute Marilyn wiggle in your walk! I'll be writing some more about underwear soon - women really should give it as much thought as they give to what's going over it.

The Divine Miss Von Teese has designed three styles, my personal favourite being the Satine-Teese (pictured). Check out the rest here and you can buy from 23rd September!

(Picture from Wonderbra)