Friday, 29 August 2008

NES Is Going To Paris...

At the beginning of December, the Hairy Drummer and I will be away for le weekend romantique a deux in Paris. Now this means two things. One, a dilemma already on what to pack and two, shopping.

More specifically, shoe shopping. Following from my sojourn to London Town and the heady heights of the Shoe Department in Selfridges, I've been formulating a plan. If I save a bit each month then by the time I get to Paris, I should be able to afford a pair of those gorgeous, coveted, lusted after Louboutins.

Can it be done? More than likely. Can I decide which pair I want? Not a hope in hell. Which is why I want you, dear reader to aid and assist, this woman with her child in a candy shop experience. Each week I'll be presenting a possible candidate to you and the one with the most votes will win*!

* Obviously dependent on how many pennies I've saved and my own particular whim on the day!