Friday, 22 August 2008

Britain's Next Top Model: Where The Word 'Meh' Achieves Its Full Potential

So apparently Britain's Next Top Model finished. I didn't notice. I'd been so thoroughly bored by the rubbishness of the "potential top models" that I stopped watching.

Alex won and duly featured on the current issue of Company. According to the snippets of interview accompanying her - you guessed it - incredibly meh shoot, she was upset with the way she was portrayed on the show. She thought they deliberately edited her to make her look whiney and bitchy. And she didn't like it when they cut her hair short despite the fact that was the only thing that made her look different to any other pretty girl schlepping round Topshop. Boohoo for you, you poor dear.

So what was good about Britain's Next Top Model? Umm.... well I liked Gerry Deveaux's straight talking and obvious despair at the detritus he was supposed to work with. I liked Huggy's firm but nice approach and the fact she could properly analyze a picture. And for some reason, I've warmed to Lisa Snowdon. Maybe because I covet her hair.

Whatever, they have to step up a gear for next season - HHPOF!Miz Tyra's got a transexual on her new season, how are you going to beat that?