Tuesday, 1 July 2008

What The Fug?!

So there I was, browsing through the interwebs in search of preciouses and loveliness and I came across these.

That are sold out.

And cost $129.99.

Can I repeat that they've sold out? I'm hoping that's because only one pair were ever made and the designer's mum bought them seeing as only a mother could pretend to love such an abomination as created by their child.

Should you be similarly afflicted then can I suggest therapy or a visit here (if you really must but don't blame me when people point and laugh)


Eric said...

We have actually sold Hundreds of that that shoe in 4 different colors and could sell a lot more if we could get them from the manufacturer. This shoe has the longest waiting list of any shoe on our site www.heels.com

Never Enough Shoes said...

Well Eric, colour me surprised! Each to their own and all that - the world would be dull indeed if everybody looked the same!