Friday, 11 July 2008

NES *hearts*..... New Look shoes (but not so much the clothes)

New Look. It's a conundrum to me. On the one hand they do great stuff with Giles Deacon and get pretty affordable 50s style underwear and swimsuits to the masses via the (ridiculously pretty) medium of Kelly Brook. Plus they make affordable, COMFORTABLE shoes.

Such as these:

And these:

But when it comes to their clothes.... I dunno, they just leave me flat. I've managed to find a few pieces in there (she says realising that as she types this she is wearing a rather lovely mint green scoop neck 3/4 sleeve jumper from the very same shop!) which is more than can be said for River Island and yet in my mind the two are somehow linked.

I don't know whether it's because I only run in there and head straight for the shoes that I forget that they do sell clothes too. I've just browsed the rest of the website and found nothing that would exhort me to part with my hard earned moolah when I know I could find something very similar across the road at Primark for at least a tenner cheaper.

The shoes though. Oh boy, do I love the shoes! My favourite dancing shoes are a silver glittery pair from a couple of seasons ago that I hunted down on eBay foe weeks because i missed the chance to get them in my size in store. true I got them cheaper than I would've done but I was more than prepared to pay the £20 (£20!!! For super glittery fabulousity!). They're comfortable and considering the price, well made.

Maybe one day they'll bring their clothes up to the same standard and then they might be able to claim the accolade of being my favourite shop.