Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Unfortunate Fashion Mishaps: Part II - When Bad Weather Happens To Good Outfits

One of the curses of living in the UK is the weather. True, it is a national stereotype that the denizens of this fair isle are a tad obsessed with all things meteorological but with good reason. If you know what the weather's going to do then you can dress appropriately for it.

So take yesterday. It was a lovely spring day and it meant I could bring out my favourite spring coat - a lovely mint/sea green bracelet sleeve length confection from Topshop that manages to keep the chill of but not render me too hot or too cold. As I drifted of to sleep last night planning today's outfit, the coat was a key component.

On waking, I noticed a few more clouds than yesterday but crucially no rain. I decided a nautical look would do for today and dug out my high waisted flared jeans, toffee brown leather and sand canvas wedges and a short sleeved close knitted blue and cream stripy top with a boat neck. Chunky cream bracelet and chunky red beaded necklace, finish with the coat and I was good to go.

Except I wasn't. Due to an incident involving cornflakes, The Daughter and escaping milk, I missed the weather forecast.

The one that said it was going to rain today.


Wedges off, skate trainers on. Lovely spring coat off, heavy winter parka on (it's the only one with a hood. Umbrellas and pushchairs Do Not Mix). Turn jeans up, wedges in bag to change into at work.

Ok, problem solved.

Except I hadn't accounted for the temperature to be quite so high. My hood while doing a sterling job of keeping my oh so carefully styled casual up do (read hastily scrabbled back ponytail) dry, it was also creating a humid micro-climate worthy of the sub-tropics.

And I hadn't accounted for my jeans not wanting to stay unfashionably turned up.

And I hadn't accounted for forgetting the last crucial step of that process.

So it is with a heavy heart and annoyance that I write to you now in jeans with a 4" ring of rain soaked into the bottom, skate trainers struggling to peek out from underneath the sodden sorry mess.

Especially as it's just stopped raining and the sun's struggling out. Bah.